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Hisui Hearts
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Hometown Dronning
Age 18
Height 6'0" / 184 cm
Weight 154 lbs / 70 kg
Race Organican
Weapon Soma Gale Arc
(Dual Crossbows)
Japanese Voice Actor Masaya Matsukaze
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Hisui Hearts (ヒスイ・ハーツ Hisui Haatsu?) is a protagonist from Tales of Hearts. He is the older brother of Kohaku Hearts.


At the beginning of the story, Hisui is being chased by Incarose along with Kohaku. They jump off a cliff and end up in the beach of Kor Meteor's hometown. Here, he mistakes Kor for being a pervert who tries to forcefully kiss Kohaku, when he just tried to save her, and hurts him. He develops a strong friendship with Kor and Kunzite later in the story, and eventually develops a friendship with Lithia Spodumene, which later on becomes very deep feelings toward her.

Appearance and Personality

When Hisui was young he lost a relative, which caused him to develop a strong sense to excessively try to protect his younger sister. He has a rough outward appearance and acts cool, but inside he has a stubborn heart and is hot-headed. He is also very socially awkward, as pointed out by Kunzite and Lithia.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Hearts.

Hisui's weapon is the Soma Gale Arc (ゲイルアーク Geiruaaku?), which he obtains from Ines Lorenzen early in the story. This weapon does not change throughout the story, but upon evolving his Soma, it will become stronger. Upon reaching the final stage of evolution, that will be considered his ultimate weapon. Hisui fights using his Soma, which functions as two automated crossbows mounted on each wrist. He fights using several attacks that resemble gunshots. He is also an adept healer and a prominent user of Wind and Water magic.



  • Hisui's name means "jade," a mineral gemstone. This serves as the basis through which his name was altered to Jadeite in Tales of Graces ƒ.
  • His school DLC costume in Hearts R gives him a shirt that has "NEPHRITE" written on it. Nephrite is a mineral species of jade along with jadeite.
  • Most of Hisui's artes are named after birds. For example, "Harisuzume" (針雀) literally translates to "Sparrow Needle". This is likely a reference to his affiliation with the Wind element.
  • The Tales of Hearts R Complete Guide has a paragraph on Hisui's character page titled "In Love With the Sleeping Princess". It states that the reason why Hisui is able to accept Kor and Kohaku's relationship is due to his own love for Lithia.
  • Hisui is indirectly mentioned by Kohaku in Tales of Graces. When Malik Caesar tells her that someone found her Soma at the bottom of the ocean, Kohaku believes her brother hid it there.