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Holy Rain as it appears in Tales of the Rays.

Holy Rain (ホーリィレイン / ホーリーレイン Hoorirein / Hooriirein?) is a powerful Light-elemental spell in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

Holy Rain causes a rain of light to fall upon the enemy. The spell covers the entire battlefield, but it does not cause continuous damage as other such spells do. In Tales of Vesperia, it is an altered arte Estelle learns by using the arte Holy Lance with the skill "Great Deluge" active. In Tales of Link, it is part of a series of artes used by Lippy when training against him; this one belongs to the spell-type Lippy. In Tales of the Rays, this arte is also Water-elemental, is classified as a support spell, additionally heals a moderate amount of HP to all party members, and can be altered into Nightingale when used as the fourth or later arte in the chain.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of Vesperia

Japanese Description: 聖なる雨が降り注ぎ、闇に連なるものに 天罰を下す、全体攻撃のスキル変化術
Localized Description: "Altered Arte: A divine rain falls upon the earth and attacks all creatures related to darkness."

Users: Estelle, Alexei
Japanese Quote: 聖なる雫よ 降り注ぎ我に力を!ホーリィレイン !
Romanized Quote: Seinaru shizuku yo, furi sosogi, ware ni chikara wo! Hoorirein!
Localized Quote: "O holy waters, rain down your power on us! Holy Rain!"

Shortened Spellcasting Time: Estelle
Japanese Quote: これでどうです!?ホーリィレイン!
Localized Quote: "How do you like this? Holy Rain!"

User: Duke
Japanese Quote: 穢れなき雨、穢れた者を打ち流そう!
Romanized Quote: Kegarenaki ame, kegareta mono wo uchi nagasou!
Localized Quote: "O holy ones, rain down your true form as cruel meteators. Light!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 聖者、その真実は残虐なる調停者!ホーリィレイン! [1]
Alternate Romanized Quote: Seija, sono shinjitsu wa zangyaku naru chouteisha! Hoorirein!
Localized Quote: "O Rain undefiled, wash away the enemies before me now! Holy Rain!"

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description:

聖なる光の雨が悪しきを浄化する術 味方全員のHPも中回復する

Japanese Quote: 悪しき心を浄化し、正しき者に祝福を!ホーリーレイン!