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Hope Town
Game Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Calvalese
Region Western Hemisphere

Hope Town (ホープタウン?) is a location in Tales of Destiny 2. It is the hometown of Nanaly Fletcher and free of the Order of Atamoni's influence.


Hope Town is a settlement built by the former residents of Junkland, another town nearby that was destroyed following the Belcrant disaster 18 years prior. Environmental changes spurred an oasis to appear nearby, so Hope Town was built upon the oasis, providing a more habitable area to shield against the harsh desert landscape of Calvalese. Hope Town features an inn; item, weapon, and armor shops; as well as Nanaly's home, where she cares for orphaned children.


After Kyle Dunamis and Reala meet Nanaly in Aigrette, she mentions their companions, Loni Dunamis and Judas, having ended up in her hometown. Kyle and Reala resolve to accompany Nanaly, boarding a ship and arriving at the port town of Cherik. Upon crossing Heat River, the trio arrive at Hope Town and reunite with Loni and Judas. Nanaly offers hospitality, including opening her home and cooking for the group, and she inevitably accompanies them on their trek to Kalviola, as they need to traverse Trash Mountain in order to get there.

Nanaly had a younger brother, Lou, whose grave can be found within the town. She often visits and speaks with him, and the scene later becomes the setting of Nanaly's "dream", which turns out to be more of a nightmare caused by Elrane. Kyle, Loni, and Reala manage to help Nanaly overcome the illusion of her brother still being alive in the dream, and she is able to fight the regret she feels over his untimely death.