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Hot Spring (ToP)

The Hot Spring in Tales of Phantasia.

The Hot Spring (導き温泉 Michibiki Onsen?) is a recurring location and event throughout most of the games in the Tales series, though they are rarely if ever a part of the main storyline. The situations that occur here commonly involve humorous situations, often resulting in new costume titles for swimsuits for each character.

Appearances in Original Titles[]

Tales of Phantasia[]

In Tales of Phantasia, there are a set of hot springs in the Ninja Village, accessible by the group for two cutscenes. The first time is when they initially come to the Ninja Village and fall victim to its traps. Ranzo Fujibayashi offers them a soak before they get to business. The first time, Mint Adenade and Arche Klein discuss each others' bodies, Mint's sizeable bust compared to Arche's smaller frame in particular. Their conversation attracts Chester Burklight's attention, who decides to peep. This action is met when Cress Albane's exasperation as well as fond memories on Claus F. Lester's part. When Chester peeks, Arche spots him and, branding him a pervert, nails him in the face with a pail. The second time is right after defeating Suzu Fujibayashi's parents at Euclid. Ranzo offers them a soak once more. This time, it is the men who discuss their bodies. Cress expresses admiration of the muscle Chester has recently gained. Their conversation this time draws the girls' attention, and it is Arche who now decides to peek, with Mint protesting futilely. When Suzu brings Claus his refreshments, they notice Arche peeping on them, and she responds with a wave.

Tales of Symphonia[]

In Tales of Symphonia, the Hot Spring is part of a sidequest that grants new titles to many group members. Upon arrival, the priest in charge of the spa recognizes Zelos Wilder and offers the group a dip in the thermal waters. The females in the group accept. Zelos then tries to peek in their bath while Lloyd Irving scolds him. The females, unaware of Zelos's antics, comment on Sheena Fujibayashi's breasts, and Colette Brunel complains about being an ironing board. Just then, they hear someone talking. Zelos takes the hint and runs away. Lloyd is not so fast and is caught by the females, who berate him for acting like a peeping tom. Lloyd tries to defend himself, but no one believes him.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the Hot Spring makes a comeback after the party obtains the Rheairds. Like its predecessor, the priest recognizes Zelos and offers the group. However, now there are two scenes depending on if the player chooses for men or women to enter the bath first. Both scenes can be viewed within the same playthrough. When the men enter the bath, Emil Castagnier is alone in the bath wondering why the others are not coming to join him. Marta Lualdi appears and tells him that they will not come, because she put a sign that states that the spa is being cleaned, and they can be alone together. Emil screams at the implications and the party rushes in to aid Emil, and they caught the two together. Nobody is willing to believe Emil's innocence, even when Marta vouches for him. Only Lloyd believes Emil, and he tells Emil that he's been in the same situation as him, and as long as he knows the truth, he has nothing to be ashamed of.

After the women enter the bath, the scene reprises the events that happen during the same event in Tales of Symphonia. Zelos tries to peek in, and Emil admonishes him while Tenebrae suggests they should leave. The females again comment on Sheena's breasts and Colette complains that she is still an ironing board. Zelos gloats over their conversation. Emil asks if Marta is an ironing board as well. Marta overhears that last part and the women realize they are being eavesdropped upon. Sheena summons Undine to lay a beating on the intruder. Tenebrae makes a run for it along with Emil and Zelos, leaving a daydreaming Lloyd to face the wrath of Undine. After Lloyd is a squirming mess in the ground, the females confirm the identity of the culprit, blaming Lloyd again for peeping. Lloyd defends himself once more, but nobody believes him.

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut[]

In the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny, the party can access the hot springs after defeating Hugo. During their first time in, the men hear the women conversing from the other side about each other's physiques, sparked by Rutee Katrea's amazement at Mary Argent's own body. Unable to handle anymore, Bruiser Khang stands up to "climb the mountain in front of him" and tries to convince Stahn Aileron to join him, much to the latter's confusion. Right before Khang can take a peek, however, Rutee throws Atwight right through the crack, and onto Khang's head.

Tales of the Abyss[]

In Tales of the Abyss, a trip to a spa is the group's reward for finding all of Emperor Peony's rappigs. Once they arrive they are told that they have swimsuits waiting for them in the changing rooms. Luke fon Fabre is the first one ready and decides to wait for the others to finish as well. Just then, Anise Tatlin runs by and notices Luke waiting near the spa and that he has a towel on his head. She remarks that she thinks his fashion sense sucks. Guy Cecil then walks by and says that Anise looks cute, which makes her happy, and she remarks that Luke could learn a thing or two from him. In response, Luke sarcastically repeats the complement and then comments that he thought she was a lost child, which Anise responds to negatively.

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear then enters, and Luke asks her if she thinks her outfit is flashy enough. Offended, she retorts that it was Emporer Peony who chose all the swimsuits. Guy reassures Natalia that she has an alluring charm, so her swimsuit is perfect for her. Natalia complements Guy on his swimsuit as well, and Guy notes that it is a sea rescue outfit and that Emporer Peony must know that is his specialty. Tear Grants walks out in more modest wear, which results in Luke commenting that he thought she did have something more daring. Tear then admits in embarrassment that she originally did have a more revealing outfit but that she could not muster the courage to wear it, so she rented one. Everyone then wonders what kind of swimsuit that Tear could possible have been given, leading to Jade Curtiss entering and commenting that Guy and Luke are drooling. Anise then asks Jade why he is not wearing a swimsuit and instead is wearing a bathrobe. He says that he was the first one ready and that the rest of them talked so long that he became impatient and enjoyed the spa by himself and that he is taking a break now. Guy and Luke then note that his outfit fits him perfectly and that there isn't much more to be said about it.

The party can return to the spa for an additional scene. Due to Guy's gynophobia, Luke asks if Guy is all right looking at the girls in their swimsuits. Guy responds that he likes women and does not mind it at all, which prompts Jade, who is listening in, to propose an experiment. Luke agrees and kicks Guy into the spa with the women, where he immediately stumbles into them. Guy freaks out and tells the women not to touch him, even though he is the one touching them. None of them believe him when he says that Luke and Jade kicked him inside, but then Tear admits that she can not see Guy faking an accident to grope them. Anise then sees an opportunity after Guy apologizes. She asks who is the biggest among them, and Guy responds that Tear is, causing both women to yell at him. Anise then admits that it does not surprise her, and she also admits that she can not complete with any of them. Guy jokes that it is because Anise does not have any, which instantly causes all three girls to get angry and for Anise to brand him a pervert. Guy sullenly declares that he needs to keep his mouth shut.

Tales of Hearts[]

In Tales of Hearts, Kor Meteor and company arrive at a town that has built itself up around the Hot Spring, Goose. Upon arriving, some arguing locals rush past Beryl Benito and Kohaku Hearts, knocking them into a nearby pond. Kohaku, devoid of ninety percent of her emotions, sees no problem with stripping her wet clothes off there, which leads to embarrassment with Kor and Hisui Hearts. Once Beryl drags Kohaku off into the Hot Springs, the boys wander around the town. They find one of the locals responsible for the girl's fall, and that she was ill with despir disease. However, she was cured by a knight who is relaxing in the Hot Spring. Worried that Kohaku is in danger, Kor and Hisui rush back to the Hot Spring. Kor rushes in and gains the title of "Dangerous Predator" upon being kicked back out. Later, the party can rest at the Hot Spring and with the Sorcerer's Ring, they can start to clear the path to loop behind the Hot Spring for not entirely pure intentions.

Tales of Xillia 2[]

In Tales of Xillia 2, the Hot Springs act as an alternate joke ending for the game unlocked after Ludger Will Kresnik clears his debt and speaks with Vera in Elympios. In it, Milla Maxwell, Leia Rolando, Elize Lutus, Muzét, Nova, and Vera are bathing. The women converse in a light manner, with Elize saying that they will come there again with Elle Mel Marta. Meanwhile, Teepo, grown to enormous size, has Ludger, Jude Mathis, Alvin, Rowen J. Ilbert, Gaius, and Rollo inside him, enabling the ladies to have some privacy but causing some embarrassment to the men due to the confined space. As they are in there, Ludger's torso towel starts dissolving in the heat, causing the men to panic. At the end of the scene, the men and the women congratulate Ludger for his achievement of clearing the debt.

Tales of Zestiria[]

In Tales of Zestiria, the sauna appears in three skits that are seen when staying at an inn three different times. While relaxing in the boys' sauna, Sorey and Mikleo talk about the history of saunas, while Zaveid decides to snoop around the girls' sauna, where Lailah, Edna, and Rose are, by reading the wind, only for Lailah to block Zaveid's wind with her fire.

Tales of Berseria[]

In Tales of Berseria, the hot springs can be accessed after completing the Heavenly Steppes EX dungeon and speaking to the Katz near the Heavenly Gate. While relaxing in the hot springs, the entire group ends up switching bodies with each other, with Velvet switching bodies with Laphicet, Eleanor switching bodies with Rokurou, Magilou switching bodies with Eizen, and the Katz switching bodies with Bienfu. The Katz explains that this is what makes the hot springs so special and that everyone will return to normal once they leave the hot springs.

Tales of Arise[]

In Tales of Arise, the hot springs are part of the "Brave New World" and "A Humbling Lesson" sidequests after defeating the four lights from the Wedge and finding the Phantom Flower of Nevira. They are located in Cyslodia, and the party takes turns there, with the men going first followed by the women. During the men's time, Alphen goes to borrow the Blazing Sword from Shionne to make the water warmer but accidentally leaves his towel behind, subsequent exposing himself to the women. During the women's time, Dohalim tries to convince Law to peep while Alphen tries to stop them, but Hootle tells Rinwell, who blasts them with magic. The recurring "Dirty-Minded Devil" title is referenced as well.