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A House of Guidance is a particular building in Tethe'alla that can be found in various locations across the map in Tales of Symphonia.



Similar to the House of Salvation in Sylvarant, these landmarks are intended to serve as pilgrimage resting places. However, due to Tethe'alla having had a relatively long period of being the flourishing world, these locations are typically empty, nearly all of them being occupied by clerics of the Church of Martel. One in particular is South East Abbey, where Seles Wilder is held but forbidden to leave for her safety. Another houses Tethe'alla's famous Hot Spring.

South East Abbey[]

A somewhat notable House of Guidance, South East Abbey, abbreviated as SE Abbey, is located just southeast of the Toize Valley Mine. Prior to the events of the story, Seles's mother attempted to kill Seles's half-brother, Zelos Wilder, so that Seles would become Tethe'alla's Chosen. Zelos's mother dies protecting him, and Seles's mother is executed for her crimes. Seles is then taken to South East Abbey and imprisoned there for her well-being in the event that Zelos should die, as she would be expected to assume the position of Chosen. Lloyd Irving and his companions journey to the Abbey to obtain Zelos's Cruxis Crystal, which Seles keeps.