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Hubert Oswell
Hubert Oswell
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Lhant
Residences Yu Liberte
Age •10 (Childhood Arc)
•17 (Main Arc)
Height 5'7" / 171 cm
Weight 137 lbs / 62 kg
Race Human
Occupation Major of Strahta's Military
Weapon Dualblade
Japanese Voice Actor •Takahiro Mizushima
(Main Arc)
•Mikako Takahashi
(Childhood Arc)
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Hubert Oswell (ヒューバート・オズウェル Hyuubaato Ozuueru?, "Hubert Ozwell"), birth name Hubert Lhant (ヒューバート・ラント Hyuubaato Ranto?), is Asbel Lhant's younger brother by one year in Tales of Graces. He is part of the military and has the status of a major. Though he is part of the Lhant family, he becomes a member of the Oswell family while Asbel is absent.



During the prologue, a young Hubert and Asbel go to explore a flower field in a mountain that is located close to their hometown of Lhant. As they near it, they see an amnesiac purple-haired girl sleeping in the field. Hubert and Asbel introduce themselves to her and decide to name her "Sophie", inspired by name of a flower that she was fascinated by. Hubert and the others return, Hubert and the others decide to give Sophie a tour of Lhant. Hubert, Asbel, Sophie, and Cheria Barnes meet Richard, but Hubert and Cheria decide to stay behind, after Asbel and Sophie decide to take Richard to the flower fields.

The next day, Hubert goes with his father, Aston Lhant, to the flower fields, after Asbel and the others manage to make it back to the top of the cliff. After returning to Lhant, Aston and Hubert go to Barona to meet with a man from Strahta. After Asbel and Sophie arrive in Barona, Asbel plans to explore the capital city with Richard, Cheria, Hubert, and Sophie; however, Richard does not show up. While waiting for him, Hubert and the others accidentally discover a secret underground cave beneath the city, and the party decides to explore it. While inside the cave, they discover an unconscious Richard on the ground, and Asbel hurries up to wake him. While Asbel and Sophie tend to Richard, a monster appears and attacks Hubert and Cheria, leaving then unconscious. After Sophie succeeds in destroying the monster at the cost of her life, Aston decides to give Hubert up for adoption to the Oswells, a wealthy family from the neighboring kingdom of Strahta.


Hubert Status (Child)

Status image as a child in Tales of Graces.

Seven years later, Hubert returns to Lhant after Fendel soldiers attack the city, Hubert arrives with Strahta soldiers and defeats the Fendel soldiers. Asbel returns to his house to speak to Hubert, but the reunion ends up in chaos and Hubert and Asbel end up fighting. Hubert instantly defeats his older brother and Asbel is thrown out of Lhant by Strahta soldiers.

Richard's Betrayal[]

After the events in Windor Castle, Asbel decides to head back to Lhant to warn Hubert of Richard's actions, but they arrive right exactly when Richard attacks the city. Richard attacks both Asbel and Hubert and knocks Hubert out. Sophie arrives and fights Richard for a short while, but Richard remains victorious and tries to kill Sophie. Asbel intervenes and manages to attack Richard, causing Richard to stop. Asbel, Sophie, and Hubert are forced to fight Richard and they manage to defeat him. After being defeated, Richard is taken back to Barona by his soldiers. After defeating Richard, Hubert asks Asbel to head to Yu Liberte in Strahta to explain the situation about Richard to Dylan Paradine. Asbel accepts the request and manages to get the party to agree to go with him. After the events in the Strahta Desert Ruins, Asbel and the others return to Yu Liberte and meet up with Hubert. Hubert decides to join Asbel on his journey and suggests they travel to Fendel to find Richard.

Appearance and Personality[]

Hubert Status (ToG) Adult

Status image as an adult in Tales of Graces.

Once a timid little boy who was forced to follow his brother in schemes that would get them both into trouble, Hubert's experiences with the Oswell family that took him away from his brother turned him into an arrogant, overly rational and extremely serious young man. Hubert was adopted after the death of a childhood friend, an event which led him to the belief that Asbel was a bad influence on him. In fact, Aston's decision to give Hubert away eventually proved to have made a temporary, but very negative impact on the relationships with his family, so much so that Hubert behaves coldly towards them out of spite for discarding him. This led to Hubert resenting his brother, and during their reunion he boasts that he has become stronger and more mature than Asbel could ever have hoped to become. During his training in the military and living with the Oswells, Hubert changed a lot during the game's time skip. Gaining confidence, knowledge, and influence in Strahta, Hubert shows distrust toward Malik Caesar and Pascal during their travels to the Amarcian Enclave, but he withdraws his hostility after Pascal saves his life during a beast attack near the enclave.

Hubert eventually opens up more to Asbel, although they never quite restore the bond they had as children until before confronting Lambda. Due to being the youngest child, he empathizes with Pascal's situation with her sister, understanding the difficulty that comes with having siblings. In the future arc, on the day before their final battle, he admits his feelings to her, but she mistakes it as him going to marry someone else and tells him that she will take a bath before attending the wedding ceremony. Malik hands Hubert his communicator afterward, and the ending credits indicate that Hubert keeps in contact with Pascal. A comical side of him as shown in a few skits in that Hubert tends to be very uptight and sweats over specific minor details that others do not, as well as his secret "nerdy" admiration for the tokusatsu genre, which he tries to keep a secret.

Fighting Style[]

Hubert Cut-in (ToG)

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

As a child, Hubert fights using a pair of sticks, often whacking the enemy with them. As an adult, Hubert's fighting prowess is more refined and agile. He also gains a unique dualblade that he can break apart for dual wielding, similar to his childhood style, or shift them into dual pistols, giving him versatility. Hubert possesses two fighting styles, though most of his physical prowess is shown through his Artes Style attacks, collectively known as Dualblade Assault Artes (両剣技 Ryoukenwaza?, "Double Sword Arts"). Through this style, he uses his dualblade to perform melee artes which deal significant damage. While he has a high physical attack statistic compared to most of the other playable characters, his defense and HP values are not very high, making him somewhat fragile as a melee character. He accommodates this weakness through his second style, Twinshot Burst Artes (双銃術 Soujuujutsu?, "Twin Gun Techniques"), which consists of both ranged physical attacks and magic. He has only two healing spells, Antidote and Healing Wind. Some of the ranged attacks which make use of his pistols involve a short spellcasting delay.

In Tales of Graces ƒ, Hubert's Accelerate Mode is called Arrow Squall, which continuously rains down arrows on his enemies until his Accelerate Mode wears down.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of Hearts R[]

Hubert Cut-in (ToGƒ)

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces ƒ.

Hubert, along with Pascal, replaces Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss as the cameo character battle in the coliseum in Tales of Hearts R. When the party faces both of them at the same time, he wears a black cat cosplay suit based on the PlayStation mascot Kuro, with Pascal as Toro, and uses Tempest Arrow as his mystic arte.


Chibi Hubert
  • Hubert is an English name that derives from the identical Old French name, which itself derives from the Germanic hug, meaning "heart" or "mind", and berht, meaning "bright" or "famous", an apt name for Hubert, considering his background.
  • In his cut-in image, Hubert uses the Rune Dualblade, which appears as his default weapon in his crossover appearances.
  • Hubert's main arc outfit appears as a legacy costume for Eizen in Tales of Berseria.
  • In certain skits, it is shown that Hubert is obsessed with the Sunscreen Rangers, a series of action figures popular in Strahta. This is seen when he talks about wanting to be Sunscreen Ranger Red and corrects Pascal when she mistakes some facts about one of the Sunscreen Ranger villains. This carries over into Tales of Xillia 2, in which, during some victory quotes, Elle Mel Marta will make references to Sunscreen Rangers, also stating that they are a branch of Strahta's military, which is a direct nod to Hubert.