Hugo Gilchrist
Hugo Gilchrist
Game Tales of Destiny
Hometown Darilsheid
Age 42
Race Er'ther
Occupation President of Oberon Corporation
Weapon Swordian Berselius
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Utsumi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Hugo Gilchrist (ヒューゴ・ジルクリスト Hyuugo Jirukurisuto?) is the primary antagonist during the second part of Tales of Destiny. He is the President of the Oberon Corporation and serves as one of the closest advisers to the King of Seinegald. Hugo is also the father of both Leon Magnus and Rutee Katrea, and he wields the Swordian Berselius, which had been possessed by the spirit of Kronos, the leader of the Aetherians during the Aeth'er Wars.

Appearance and Personality

In public, Hugo maintains a professional appearance, always wearing formal business clothes and glasses. People recognize him as a handsome man with shoulder-length purple hair and a goatee, and he commands the respect of those around him, to the point that his employees would even sacrifice their lives for him without hesitation. But this outward personality hides his more subtle nature of cruelty, as one who enjoys manipulating people around him to perform acts that lead to their downfall, whether it benefits him or not.

However, most incidents that occur through the course of the story were carefully planned and instigated by Hugo, showing his skill for implanting deviant ideas into others' minds as he leads on Lydon Bernhardt to pursue his mad goals using the Eye of Atamoni. Hugo is particularly sadistic toward Leon, forcing him to participate in his plans with the threat of harming Leon's maid Marian Fustel if he were to disobey his orders. Since Marian resembles Leon's mother, Hugo uses her as a persistent reminder of what cruel acts he is capable of. Leon merely accepts the situation and performs as Hugo demands. However, this hidden aspect of his behavior is actually the result of his loss of inhibitions due to the influence of Kronos through Swordian Berselius. Kronos corrupted Hugo's mind from within, reducing his self-control until it was completely broken when Hugo killed his wife, Chris Katrea.

Following the event, Hugo embraced this liberation of his emotions, venting any frustration towards Leon whenever they are not in public view, so that he could still maintain his composure while conducting business or fulfilling his other duties. Prior to obtaining Swordian Berselius, Hugo was a caring father and loving husband, and when he started to feel the dark influence emanating from the weapon, he resisted as much as he could, forcing Rutee out of the household to survive on her own in fear of her safety. Later, when Kronos completely takes over Hugo's body and trans-mutates it into his original form with the power of the Eye of Atamoni, Hugo's consciousness remains long enough to hold Kronos back and prevent him from killing Rutee, simultaneously activating a mechanism which detached Belcrant from the Aethersphere so that Rutee and her friends could escape. Following this, Hugo's will is completely subsumed by Kronos.

Fighting Style

Hugo Gilchrist (ToA)

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Hugo is a very capable melee fighter with rapid mobility and decent physical prowess. In the original PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny, Hugo has two normal attack options which had been passed on to his two children as artes, Snipe Air and Snipe Roar/Flying Dragon. He also has the ability to teleport across the battlefield using an arte named Mystic Shadow (ミスティックシャドウ Mistikkushadou?). Through the power of Berselius, he is a potent spellcaster with various powerful spells of different elements, most notably Divine Power, a spell which combines damage from each of the four cardinal elements.

As part of the PlayStation 2 remake of the game, Hugo's abilities were significantly modified, granting him with a wider array of physical attacks and magic while removing Divine Power from his movelist. Among these new artes, Hugo gains Turbulence as a melee-based application of the more familiar spell, granting the same teleporting ability as Mystic Shadow from the original game, and Archangel (アークエンジェル Aakuenjeru?), a spell that creates a shining field of floating feathers which encompasses a large area, damaging all enemies with a radial surge of light. He can use a dark-elemental variation of Infernal Torrent named Onyx Flare (オニキスフレア Onikisufurea?), which can be extended into Regret Rose (リグレットローズ Rigurettoroozu?), allowing him to launch projectiles which encircle his enemy to damage him or her from behind, reducing the target's physical defense.

Most notably, whenever Hugo starts to cast a spell, a field of energy surrounds him, staggering and damaging all enemies within range, providing him with protection from melee attacks to enable the completion of his spells without being interrupted. Upon achieving Damage Break, Hugo immediately casts Ambivalence, which calls down lightning upon a circular glyph, which then inverts the lightning as an upward burst of negative energy.


Hugo Gilchrist (ToD PSX).png
PlayStation sprite. 
Hugo Sprite (ToD PS2).jpg
PlayStation 2 sprite. 
Hugo Battle Sprite.jpg
PlayStation 2 battle sprite. 
Hugo Gilchrist (ToCE).png
Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve. 


  • During the beginning of the story in the PlayStation 2 remake, Hugo publically gives Leon a "gift", perfectly aware of how awkward such a gift might be for Leon due to his sadistic sense of humor. This gift is a Matsutake mushroom, known for its particularly phallic shape. The mushroom can be equipped as one of Leon's off-hand daggers, to be used as a weapon during battle.

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