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Huma (ToR)

Huma as they appear in Tales of Rebirth.

Huma (ヒューマ Hyuuma?) are a race in Tales of Rebirth. Bearing the likeness of ordinary humans, Huma are one of the two major races in the game, the other being Gajuma. Halfs, a minority race, are the result of crossbreeding between Huma and Gajuma.


Sometimes referred to as a tribe of people, Huma are said to govern knowledge, while Gajuma are said to govern power. Together with the Gajuma people, Huma formed the kingdom of Calegia, although the country has always been ruled by Gajuma leaders. Huma do not naturally possess Force and none did prior to an event known as the Dusk of Ladras. This event was spurred by King Ladras Lindblum one year prior to the events of the story and caused Huma throughout the world to gain the power of Force, which many found difficult to control. In numerous instances, Huma bestowed with this power could not manage it, resulting in the Force going "berserk" and causing vast amounts of damage.

When Veigue Lungberg's Force becomes unstable, he accidentally freezes his childhood friend, Claire Bennett, in a prison of ice. Over the course of the year prior to the story, Huma gradually learned to better control their Force, though physical prowess remains a feat attributed to Gajuma. The wasteland town of Pipista is populated entirely by Gajuma people due to Huma's inability to withstand the harsh conditions of the area. The town likewise has a particular dissent toward Huma. The relationship between Huma and Gajuma is peaceful at times yet wanes at others. In the past, Huma and Gajuma lived entirely isolated from one another. The Divine King Geyorkias sought to eliminate all Huma so that the dissent between the two races would cease, as Huma had undergone a marked cultural development and waged war against Gajuma in attempt to subject them to Huma's rule.

However, the Six Saints came into conflict with the Divine King due to their opposing ideals, believing that the relationship between Huma and Gajuma was merely the "workings of nature", and overcame him, sealing him away. After the battle, the earth became impoverished, weakening the Six Saints and leaving Huma and Gajuma with no direction. This resulted in the Huma race continuing to exist despite the hatred that incessantly built between the two races, the "impression", as it is called, which has always existed. Over time, Huma and Gajuma learned to co-exist, though the impression builds and changes this, and disputes between the two races begin to occur across the map. In places such as Belsas, the intensity of hatred between the two races leads to Huma governing the city and forcing the Gajuma residents to live on the opposite side of town, where living conditions are far poorer.