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Hyperresonance as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Hyperresonance (超振動 Choushindou?) is a phenomenon that occurs in Tales of the Abyss when isofons, entities with the same fonon frequency, interact with each other. With the Seventh Fonon, it allows the destruction and reconstruction of matter. One such phenomenon occurs between Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants at the beginning of the story, blowing them away to Tataroo Valley and triggering the events of the plot.


Hyperresonance is a rare phenomenon where two isofons react with each other, allowing the creation and destruction of matter. True isofons are rare but can be artificially induced by two Seventh Fonists. Luke and Asch have the unique ability to cause them on their own. It is nearly useless in battle because it is difficult to control, and careless use of it could destroy even the atmosphere; the destruction of Akzeriuth is caused by rampant hyperresonance triggered by Van Grants's manipulation of Luke. There also exists a second-order hyperresonance, a mostly theoretical concept concerning the interaction of two hyperresonances. In addition to the capabilities of normal hyperresonace, second-order hyperresonance has the ability to completely neutralize any fonon. Luke gains the ability to wield it through Asch's help, as they are isofons who are individually capable of creating a hyperresonance. Luke uses it to free to party from one of Sync's traps as well as to free an out-of-control Lorelei from Van.