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Hypionia (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Southern Hemisphere

Hypionia (ヒピオニア Hipionia?) is a continent of Terca Lumireis in Tales of Vesperia. It is a medium-sized continent and geographically sits in the southern portion of the map.


Hypionia is an open, valley-like continent with some forests and mountains, as well as a mild climate. Despite this, it is virtually uninhabited due to its remote location on the map, neighboring the unfavorable continents of Desier and Weccea. However, during the events of the story, a settlement that becomes known as Aurnion is built, budding civilization on the continent.


  • Aurnion - A new settlement established through the Empire's cooperation with the guilds.
  • Myorzo - Floats the entire world but accessed via the Egothor Forest on Hypionia.

Egothor Forest

Scenic shot of Egothor Forest.

Egothor Forest (エゴソーの森 Egosou no Mori?) is a forest dungeon situated near Baction. It is considered to be a holy land of the Kritya and yields the door to Myorzo, which hovers across the skies inside the Entelexeia Krones. A hilly area with a rushing river that winds its way through the mountains, Egothor Forest has paths that lead up to its peaks. The trees here are dense at the foot of the mountains, forming a forest, but become sparser at elevated heights, being replaced with a rockier environment.

After obtaining a clue of how to enter Myorzo through a Krityan man in Aspio, the group travels here to find the "hidden" city, where they are to ring a bell in order to reveal its location. Immediately after their arrival, the group is confronted by the Imperial Knights using hoplon blastia in the forest. They fight up to the first blastia, where Rita Mordio seeks to disable it instead of destroying it, but this seems like it would take too long. Judith then discovers a researcher hiding in the crown of some neighboring trees and retrieves him to disable the blastia. Instead, the group is bombarded by another hoplon blastia. They make their way to it, where Rita succeeds in deactivating it, and after a skirmish with the knights, they retreat. The group then uses the bell to enter Myorzo.


The forgotten shrine of Baction.

The Forgotten Shrine, Baction (忘れられた神殿 バクティオン Wasure Rareta Shinden Bakution?) is an abandoned shrine considered to be a holy place by the Kritya. It was once used to worship the Entelexeia Astal, who remains in the shrine despite having been forgotten, as hardly any humans reside on the continent until Aurnion is built. The shrine itself is dark and maze-like, venturing several floors underground. The darkness is illuminated by blastia lanterns fed with aer. The lowest level of the shrine is the throne room, where Astal resides.

The group visits the shrine after Estelle and Raven go missing from Myorzo. Astal, gravely injured from the superweapon Heracles, retreats to the shrine before the adventurers arrive. At the entrance, they find Alexei Dinoia with the imprisoned Estelle venturing in and are halted by imperial guards. With the help of Sodia and Witcher, their lives are spared, but they must then pursue Alexei inside, as well as fight past monsters and knights only to reach a sealed door within. Rita admits it would take quite a while to dispel the formula sealing the door when Duke Pantarei arrives and gives Yuri Lowell the sword Dein Nomos to rupture the barrier.

At the bottom level, the group witnesses Alexei kill the weakened Astal to take its apatheia, which is revealed to be smaller then he desired. Alexei scoffs at Astal dying in the temple dedicated to him before retreating, leaving Raven, revealed to be Schwann Oltorain, to fight the group. He unveils his blastia heart and the secrets surrounding his past life in the Great War, having been rescued by Alexei and forced to obey him in order to live. Outside, Alexei collapses the shrine to bury them all within, but Raven manages to keep the ceiling of the room from falling long enough for the group to flee. He manages to survive, however, thanks to his brigade outside.