Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Race Deity
Occupation Ratio General
Weapon Scythes
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroaki Hirata
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Hypnos (ヒュプノス Hyupunosu?) is the god of death who served as the general of the Ratio army in Tales of Innocence. His reincarnation is Ricardo Soldato.


Hypnos only appears in the story's opening flashback, confronting the Sensus general Asura, who asks Hypnos about his older brother. Insulted due to his brother's apparent death, Hypnos barks at Asura's forward comment. Asura then asks if Hypnos has grown tired of stealing mortal souls since he has apparently come to steal his victory, but Hypnos retaliates that the Sensus headquarters have fallen, the Ratio raid proving a success. Mockingly, Asura claims that Hypnos made a mistake in challenging him alone.

In a battle that will seemingly decide the war's victor, the two then fight, and Hypnos is defeated. Fearing that Devaloka will not be maintained without him to harvest mortal souls, Hypnos remains speechless when Asura informs him that all will be well when he reunites Devaloka with Naraka. Hypnos states that, when he is reborn and they meet again, he will judge the future Asura creates and hold him responsible for it before disappearing. A few optional scenes depict Thanatos's confiding in Hypnos of his plans to leave Devaloka and protect Naraka because he has fallen in love with a mortal woman. This led to Ratio's elder council reassigning Hypnos from reaper to general.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Endless Tragedy in Tales of Innocence R.

Hypnos is a tall, slender man whose face is mostly concealed with the white, gold-lined hood of his outfit. His eyes glow a sharp, piercing blue, mirroring the color of his two scythes. The remainder of his attire consists of a tight black suit worn over his default white attire, with gold plates of armor covering his hands, feet, elbows, and kneecaps. Although Hypnos appears little in the story due to this early-depicted death, he is shown to believe in Ratio's ideology of world separation and deeply care about his brother, the latter of which carries over into his next life as Ricardo.


Hypnos Skit (ToI).png
  • In Greek mythology, Hypnos is the personification of sleep. However, Hypnos is based on the personification of Death due to his hooded attire, weapon of choice, and role in the game's plot.