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Igtenos Minarde
Igtenos Minarde
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Race Er'ther
Occupation Leader, Er'ther Intelligence Unit
Weapon Swordian Igtenos
Japanese Voice Actor Taiki Matsuno
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Igtenos Minarde (イクティノス・マイナード Ikutinosu Mainaado?) is Garr Kelvin's Swordian of Wind in Tales of Destiny.


During the Aeth'er Wars, Igtenos served as leader of the Er'ther Army's Intelligence Unit. His Swordian was designed as a melee-oriented Swordian that controls Wind-based spells, balanced between Dymlos and Chaltier in power and speed and focused on stabbing like Atwight. After the conflict, Igtenos's Swordian would become a symbol of the royal house of Phandaria, handed down from king to king.

During the events of the story, Lydon Bernhardt uses the Eye of Atamoni to launch a campaign of world conquest. When he invades Phandaria, Lydon manages to kill King Isaac Kelvin and steal Swordian Igtenos. When the party arrives with Isaac's son Garr, Lydon uses Igtenos in combat, but is outmatched. In desperation, Lydon uses Igtenos to conduct the Eye of Atamoni's power, only to end up electrocuting himself. Unfortunately, this results in Igtenos's voice chip being damaged. Unable to repair it with current technology, Igtenos is mute throughout the rest of the story, until Hugo Gilchrist steals the Eye to revitalize the Aethersphere. Upon reaching Helraios, the party are finally able to repair Igtenos's voice, allowing Garr to form the Swordian Master's pact with him.

Appearance and Personality[]

Igtenos (ToD PS2)

Artwork for Tales of Destiny (PS2).

In Tales of Destiny 2, Igtenos has light brown hair reaching down to his neck and brown eyes. He wears an outfit consisting of light grey on the sleeves, belt, cape, and shoes, and dark grey on the rest.

By the PS2 remake of Tales of Destiny, Igtenos's appearance is altered. He now has has blonde short hair and teal eyes. He wears a dark cyan shirt with cyan pants and turquoise shoes. His Swordian is a silver sword with a double-edged blade, notched at the cross guard, with has two quillons on each side. The top two are bigger and curved upward, while the bottom two are the opposite on both. The grip is shaped like that of a katana, with a dark blue interior, light blue wrapping, and an orange dot in each of the rhombi. The pommel is adorned with a blue gem.

Igtenos is calm, controlled, cool and collected. He prides himself on logical decision-making and disdains hot tempers and hard word, preferring to confront challenges with composure and wit.