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Igtenos Minarde
Igtenos Minarde.png
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Race Er'ther
Occupation Leader, Er'ther Intelligence Unit
Weapon Swordian Igtenos
Japanese Voice Actor Taiki Matsuno
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Igtenos Minarde (イクティノス・マイナード Ikutinosu Mainaado?) is Garr Kelvin's Swordian of Wind in Tales of Destiny.


After the Aeth'er Wars, Igtenos became a symbol of the royal house of Phandaria, handed down from king to king. Igtenos controls Wind-based spells but is a melee-oriented Swordian, balanced between Dymlos and Chaltier in power and speed and focused on stabbing like Atwight. For the majority of the story, Igtenos is deactivated due to the forced usage of it by Lydon Bernhardt. The personality written into Igtenos belonged to Igtenos Minarde, leader of the Er'ther Army's Intelligence Unit. He is calm, controlled, and prides himself on logical decision-making.