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Ilyccia (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Eastern Hemisphere

Ilyccia (イリキア, Irikia?) is a continent of Terca Lumireis in Tales of Vesperia. It is one of the world's largest continents and geographically sits in the northeastern portion of the map.


Ilyccia is a large, valley-laden continent with some forests, beaches, and mountain ranges. Notably, it yields an icy area branching off its northern tip, a region known as the Blade Drifts of Zopheir, accessible only through cold weather forming bridges of ice along the ocean's edge. In addition, a large island is positioned on the continent's lower east side. Politically, Ilyccia is home to the Empire's capital, Zaphias.


  • Zaphias - A large city located on the southern part of Illycia. It is described as the largest city in the world and abides by a strict, hierarchical society with a vacant imperial throne.
  • Deidon Hold - A border town that serves as a strong rock fortress built to protect Zaphias from monsters in the plains and functions as a checkpoint between Zaphias and the city of Halure.
  • Halure - A small, scenic town located in the central part of Ilyccia that is famous for having a barrier blastia fused together with three blossoming trees that protect it from monsters.
  • Aspio - A cavern city located underneath a mountain range on the northeastern part of Ilycia that serves as a large blastia research facility for the Empire, and the majority of its population are scholars studying blastia.
  • Capua Nor - A port town located west of Ehmead Hill ruled by the tyrannical magistrate Ragou. It rains constantly due to a blastia that can control the weather. After Ragou's death, the town returns to its former glory, a bright and sunny port that mirrors Capua Torim.

Quoi Woods

Quoi Woods (ToV).png
Deep within the Quoi Woods.
The Quoi Woods (クオイの森, Kuoi no Mori?) is a forest area located northwest of Deidon Hold and southwest of Halure that serves as an alternate route when traveling north due to the "Lord of the Plains". It is also known as the "Forbidden Woods" due to a variety of myths surrounding the forest.

Yuri Lowell, Estelle, and Repede first enter the forest by the advice of Mary Kaufman, leader of the Fortune's Market. Despite Estelle's ambivalent attitude toward passing through the forest due to rumors of it being "cursed", Yuri reassures her, and they continue. After reaching about midway through the forest, Estelle unknowingly activates a nearby blastia and collapses due to an overtake of aer. When she awakens, Yuri offers to prepare a meal and introduces the concepts of cooking to her, so the trio rest for a while longer and eat. Toward the end of the forest, they encounter a young boy attempting to kill an "Eggbear" monster. After introducing himself as a member of the Hunting Blades guild, he accompanies the trio out of the forest. Unknown to the group, a mysterious man with a glowing sword deactivates the nearby blastia.

The group later returns to find the two remaining ingredients for a panacea bottle that would restore Halure's giant tree to life. After managing to locate the ingredients, Karol uses a piece of nia fruit to disguise his scent and lure out the Eggbear, which succeeds. The group defeats the Eggbear and removes its claw to take back to Halure and concoct the remedy. As they are leaving the forest, they hear the nearing Schwann Brigade, so Yuri covers the trail, and the group retreats back to Halure.

Shaikos Ruins

Shaikos Ruins (ToV).png
Scenic shot of the Shaikos Ruins.
The Shaikos Ruins (シャイコス遺跡, Shaikosu Iseki?) is a dungeon located on the northern plain of the continent, east of Aspio. The ruins are the remains of an ancient city from the Geraios Civilization, the surface of which was largely reconquered by nature: the archways, floor, and white-stone statues are all engulfed in plant life. Directly at the entrance is a well, which appears to be partly destroyed, but still leads water. Below a statue is the recently discovered access to the Shaikos underground, which only a handful of researchers from Aspio know about. The underground is a large cave complex covered by water.

To prove that she is not the blastia thief Yuri Lowell pursues, Rita Mordio accompanies the group to the ruins after hearing from Flynn Scifo that thieves are supposed to be there. Despite not finding any thieves, Rita tells the group that there are now small successes in producing not only blastia bodies artificially, but also blastia cores. Deeper within, the group discovers a supposed researcher from Aspio, who is soon revealed to be an impostor, using a core to activate a "Goliath" enemy that attacks the group. It strikes Rita, so Estelle rushes to heal her, Rita discovering that Estelle can use healing artes without the use of a blastia. After slaying the beast, the pursue the thief and interrogate him for information, later handing him over to the knights in Aspio.

Ehmead Hill

Ehmead Hill (ToV) 1.png
The road view of Ehmead Hill.
Ehmead Hill (エフミドの丘, Efumido no Ooka?) is a dungeon located on the northern part of the continent. The area is rather short, as it is merely a path to Capua Nor. The group first travels here to head to Capua Nor, where they might find Flynn. Upon arrival, Karol Capel notices that a barrier that is supposed to be in the vicinity is gone. He tells them that Nan, a friend of his from his guild, told him about such a barrier. He and Rita decide to go on ahead and check out the situation, leaving Yuri, Estelle, and Repede behind. They come across a destroyed blastia, and Rita decides to investigate it further while Karol returns to tell them that the one responsible for destroying the blastia is the mysterious Dragon Rider. Rita argues with the knights guarding the road over a strange blastia formula and gets herself into trouble, prompting Yuri and Karol to cause a distraction and rescue her, fleeing into the nearby forest.
Ehmead Hill (ToV) 2.png
The sea view of Ehmead Hill.
The group decides to take this alternate route and scolds Rita for her reckless behavior. They soon hear the voices of Adecor, Boccos, and Leblanc, demanding Yuri and Estelle come out. Ignoring the calls and pressing forward, they come across some strange flowers that cause dizziness when the pollen is inhaled. Rita uses Karol as a test subject, which causes him to lose his senses momentarily, but after his recovery, the group moves on and encounters a fearsome "Gattuso", a wolf-like monster who attacks without warning. After defeating the monster, the group heads to a spot where they can see the ocean. After a brief yet inspiring conversation, Yuri and his friends continued onward. Near the end of the trail, the group finds a camping set and instructions on how to use it. Afterward, they continue onward to Capua Nor.

Blade Drifts of Zopheir

Blade Drifts of Zopheir (ToV) 1.png
A scenic shot of the Blade Drifts.
The Blade Drifts of Zopheir (ゾフェル氷刃海, Zoferu Hyoujin Umi?) is an area located in northeastern Illycia, east of Capua Nor and north of Halure. At first, the area is inaccessible because it is too warm, but after Ehmead Hill is obliterated, this area becomes open to Yuri and his companions as an alternative path to Halure. After Yuri and his friends failed to save Estelle from the clutches of Alexei Dinoia, they crash near Capua Nor and notice a large crater where Ehmead Hill once stood. Once there, they find Teagle and his family at the inn and are informed that it is the time of year that the Blade Drifts of Zopheir are at the coldest, so the ice is stable enough to walk on. After thanking Teagle, Yuri and his friends press forward to save Estelle.

Upon arriving at the Blade Drifts, they see many swords sticking out of the ice. Soon, they are stalked by a monster known as the "Baitojoh". They arrive at a crystallized aer krene, became trapped in the aer flow, and are cornered by the Baitojoh. Yuri manages to push Karol out of the way, but this forces Karol into battle with the beast alone. Things seemed hopeless until Karol pulls out a sword that controls the aer, freeing the others so they can join him in defeating the Baitojoh. After the battle, Karol is so exhausted from the fight that he passes out, so Yuri and the others fight their way out without him. Near the end of the dungeon, Karol wakes up as the group heads on out.

Blade Drifts of Zopheir (ToV) 2.png
The aer krene located within the Blade Drifts.
After receiving Belius's apatheia from Don Whitehorse's grandson, Harry, Yuri and his friends return to the Blade Drifts with Estelle in order to put Rita's plan into action. They head to the aer krene and utilize it to create a substance known as mana in order to free Estelle from her power as the "Child of the Full Moon". The plan works all too well, as the apatheia's formula begins to rewrite itself and takes on the form of a beautiful woman. When she first speaks, Judith recognizes her voice, and the others come to the conclusion that Belius's consciousness resided within the apatheia. Yuri gives her a new name for her form: a Spirit, and it is Estelle who officially names her "Undine", after the ancient ruler of the waters. Upon leaving, Yuri and his friends notice the threat of the Adephagos is growing stronger and they do not have much time. They leave to find more Entelexeia to turn into Spirits.

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