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Inanna (ToI)
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Age Late 20s
Race Deity
Japanese Voice Actor Atsuko Tanaka
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Inanna (イナンナ?) is a goddess who left Ratio and was allied with Sensus and her lover, the Sensus general Asura, in Tales of Innocence. She is the daughter of the Earth Mother God (大地母神 Daichiboshin?), and her reincarnation is Illia Animi.


Conflicted Emotions[]

The first flashback depicting Inanna is fairly early in the story and provides some insight into her feelings. In the scene, Inanna and Asura are at Sky Castle, and Inanna comments on the earthly world of Naraka below. Asura states that the two worlds were once one and that he must unite them together again, but Inanna replies that Naraka is merely a prison for those who attempted to disrupt the peace in Devaloka and are now stripped of their heavenly power.

Asura then states that humans are part of the balance of things, and that prayers and reaping souls have proven to be insufficient. However, Inanna claims that she fears the day humans return to Devaloka and want revenge, resulting in a never-ending war. Asura consoles her, stating that it is necessary in order to makes the world complete, that he will protect her, and that she should believe and confide in him. During the flashbacks that depict Sakuya, Asura's attendant, Sakuya's envy of Inanna for having Asura's love quickly becomes more evident, though Inanna never acknowledges or is stated to know of this jealousy.

A later flashback depicts Inanna begging Asura to seal the Manifest because its power is too dangerous, which concerns him. She stresses to him that she is content with how things are and longs to live with him forever as such. Asura's response is not shown, however. Inanna's hesitation becomes more evident in a later flashback that depicts her struggling with her thoughts alone, stating that she has made her decision to betray Ratio and live with Asura. She mentions, however, the obtaining of the Manifest and what its power will bring before Asura arrives and notices her troubled look. Inanna veils her conflicted mindset by focusing on Asura's triumphant return from battle.

Betrayal and Death[]

In a pivotal flashback, Asura prepares to activate the Manifest to reunite the worlds of Devaloka and Naraka, but Inanna betrays and stabs him with Durandal from behind. The sentient sword, which she received from the Ratio elders in order to kill Asura was eventually given to him by her, though she ultimately fulfills her duty by using it against Asura. Inanna apologizes to Asura, who asks if she had the intention of assassinating him from the beginning. Inanna then explains that causing Asura to fall in love with her and then killing him was the task given to her by the senate of Ratio, but that she ended up truly falling in love with Asura, even to the point of betraying Ratio.

However, she states that humans can never coexist with deities, and that the unification of the worlds would only allow it to rot away. Afterward, Asura breaks Durandal and stabs Inanna in return, killing her before dying himself. The Manifest grants both of their wishes, however, with each serving as the other's sacrifice. Asura's wish of uniting the worlds and Inanna's wish of leaving them separate results in the world's joining but not entirely fusing together, forming a rift in the natural order of things. Inanna's betrayal fills Asura's soul with despair, resulting in his split reincarnation of Ruca Milda and Mathias from his personal self and "dark" self, respectively. As a result, Mathias bears Inanna's appearance, Asura's hatred for her having carved her face into his memory.

Appearance and Personality[]

Illia Cut-in (ToI-R) 2

Cut-in image for Ruined Vain Wish in Tales of Innocence R.

Said to be the most beautiful woman in all of Devaloka, Inanna has a fitting goddess appearance. She has fair skin, emerald-colored eyes, and long, magenta-colored hair held in a ponytail by a gold tiara. She has elvish ears and a slim, graceful figure that is complimented by the long and flowing white dress she wears. The dress bares her shoulders at the top and extends into long, ruffled sleeves at the ends of her arms. The dress is also adorned in golden plates that form a ring around her shoulders and bind her loose belt around her waist. The bottom of the dress is surrounded with several gold ornaments that resemble flower petals.

Inanna's betrayal of Asura is a key plot twist in the game's story and results in a number of events that affect the future state of Devaloka and Naraka. Each flashback scene that depicts Inanna demonstrates her conflicted thoughts and love for Asura, whom she is shown to support in spite of her intentions. Just as Asura's dual emotions were so great that they manifested separately, resulting in two different reincarnations, Inanna's conflicted emotions carry over into Illia's life, which results in her headaches and general confusion of the past. Ultimately, Inanna believed in Ratio's ideal heavenly world separate from earthly existence. Rather than be bound to her love for Asura, she chose to act upon her beliefs, regardless of the consequences.


Inanna Skit (ToI)