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An incarnation as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

Incarnation (ケシン Keshin?) is a term from Tales of Crestoria. It is a creature connected with transgressors.


Incarnation is a physical manifestation of sin, taking the form of a monster, absorbing the sinner into themselves, and becoming violent against all in their path. An incarnation can be told apart from a normal monster by their glowing red eyes and the dark aura they emit. Their voice can also awaken ancient monsters that slumber underground. Apparently, certain incarnations produce a type of crystal in their bodies. These crystals are currently being studied by Rita Mordio.


Before vision orbs were invented, when someone committed a crime, the emotions enticed by the sin drew in a unique form of mana. This mana took a bestial form, consuming the transgressor and birthing an incarnation. According to Velvet Crowe and Milla Maxwell, the mana is due to a curse placed on the world. However, tapping into that same mana invented the vision orbs and all things related to it. By converting the incarnation-creating mana to instead converge on the judgement of others, appearance of incarnations has been cut short, with the Stain of Guilt becoming a sort of vessel for the manifestation.

List of Known Incarnations

  • Velvet Crowe's arm - acquired after Milla Maxwell killed her brother, Laphicet Crowe; the arm itself appears to be the incarnation that fought against Milla that refused to die
  • Alicia Combatir - her sister Presea cut off the arm that carried the Stain of Guilt. And after a few months, her sin manifested into an incarnation.


  • The concept of incarnations draws heavily from the concept of hellions/daemons from Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria respectively, however in Tales of Crestoria the monster form is visible to everyone, not requiring any sort of resonance to be perceivable. The concept of a curse that births monsters when a person is overflown with guilt is also based on that.