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Appearance Tales of Hearts
Age 2,000+ (physically 19)
Height 5'5" / 170 cm
Weight 116 lbs / 53 kg
Race Mechanoid (Queen)
Japanese Voice Actor Junko Minagawa
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Incarose (インカローズ Inkaroozu?, "Incarros") is a major antagonist in Tales of Hearts. She is an extraordinarily powerful Queen-type mechanoid who excels in will artes and serves under the command of Creed Graphite.


The Manipulative Witch

Incarose is a mysterious sorceress who is first seen chasing Kohaku and Hisui Hearts at the start of the story. A servant of Creed, she acts as his mechanical guardian and was named by him after the color of her eyes, which Creed himself complimented as beautiful upon first seeing her. Being an experimental Queen-type mechanoid, Incarose is linked through seven separate bodies through a single artificial Spiria. At the start of the story, only four bodies are still operational, as Incarose later admits that three have been rendered inoperable due to centuries of combat.

Cut-in image for Rosendorn in Tales of Hearts R.

After Kor Meteor finds Kohaku on the beach in Seaville and takes her to his mother's grave to retrieve her Soma, Incarose appears and attacks the duo, but they are saved by Kor's grandfather, Sydan Meteor, who receives a fatal blow from Incarose and dies later back in Seaville. Incarose is later seen orchestrating the events in Straga that intensify the friction between the imperial army and the Church of Valentin. Cunning and lethal, she fends off the protagonists at every turn and frequently teleports away once she considers her job done.

The group is eventually forced to fight Incarose on the flying airship Mysticete, where she ambushes their escape but yields to them in combat. She appears again at Guz Spa, retrieving will wisps for Creed, but an onslaught by Chalcedony Akerman and his Crystal Knight companions, Peridot Harmotome and Pyrox Ferro, defeats one of her mechanoid bodies. Shortly thereafter, when the group visits Mount Va'mell, the remaining three of Incarose's bodies attacks the isolated Crystal Knight trio, killing Peridot and Pyrox in the process. Chalcedony manages to kill two bodies, with the remaining one escaping.

The Queen of Creed

When the group returns to Mysticete, Incarose taunts Chalcedony by playing a recording of Peridot and Pyrox's deaths, which prompts Chalcedony to strike her, causing her to lose an eye. Furious, Incarose unleashes a powerful will arte that sends the group falling back to land. She is seen again at Beanstalk Tower on Minera, following the Ace mechanoid brothers Chlorseraph and Clinoseraph, who seek to upgrade themselves. Inside, Clinoseraph asks Incarose to reveal herself, seeing through her cloaking.

Cut-in image for Dein Ende in Tales of Hearts R.

In a sudden turn of events and clash for access to upgrading themselves, Clinoseraph kills Chlorseraph, and Incarose fights with Clinoseraph, the end result leaving them both seemingly inoperable. When the group finds the three bodies, Kunzite notes that there does not appear to be any activity from any of them. However, Incarose survives and upgrades herself using components of the seraph brothers, confronting the group at the top of the tower as Incarose Alt (インカローズ・ILL?, Incarros ILL). She grabs Lithia and uses her to initiate the warp. Being bested in combat yet again, Incarose rants on how she is defeated by inferior Somatics, and Kor answers it is because she is alone, that she has closed her Spiria from anyone else. To prove that connections only make an individual weak, Incarose throws Lithia Spodumene off the tower's top platform, and Kor jumps after her.

Despite Incarose's attempts to rid of the rest of the group through self-destruction, however, the seraph brothers manage to regain some control and place her in a will arte to initiate the warp instead. The group leaps off the edge of the tower, using Chalcedony's upgraded Soma to fly. Meanwhile, Incarose is shown at the top of the tower alone, now completely blind while her body continues to malfunction. She mutters to herself, albeit seemingly speaking to Creed, about how he found her eyes beautiful, but that she can see no more and everything is dark.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Rose Stachel in Tales of Hearts.

Cut-in image for Twine Ende in Tales of Hearts.

Incarose uses various parts of her body as well as her own Spiria to fight the enemy. In the original Tales of Hearts, Incarose's arteset consisted exclusively of will artes. However in Tales of Hearts R, this changes to having two strike artes per form, as well as a handful of will artes. As Incarose Alt, she steals Chlorseraph's elbow blade and Clinoseraph's shield as well as the former's speed and the latter's power, and combines the three to perform devastating attacks.


  • Incarose's name is based on Inca Rose, a term sometimes used to describe the mineral rhodochrosite.