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Ines Lorenzen
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Age 24
Height 5'6" / 168 cm
Weight 119 lbs / 54 kg
Race Organican
Weapon Soma Forceus
(Large Blade)
Japanese Voice Actor Shizuka Itou
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Ines Lorenzen (イネス・ローレンツ Inesu Roorentsu?, "Innes Lorenz") is a protagonist in Tales of Hearts.


Ines is a woman outside the normal, with superhuman strength and a glamorous body. She is the manager of the transport shop, Wanderlust (日々寧日 Hibi Neijitsu?, "Every Day is a Good Day"), as well as the sole employee of it. She gently smiles, though with no breaks in her speech and conduct. Early in the story, Hisui Hearts begs her to sell him a Soma to help Kor Meteor gather Kohaku Hearts's Spiria, and she agrees to lend it to him for a while. Later, after clearing Beryl Benito's Spiria Maze, it is revealed she has the rights to Beryl's Soma, but says she will not take it away. She herself possesses the Soma Forceus (フォルセウス?).

Appearance and Personality

Ines is a tall, slender woman with short, silver hair and blue eyes. She wears a red- and green-oriented outfit that consists of a small shirt, long gloves, and a skirt that trails into dark blue leggings and long, heeled boots. A noticeable physical attribute of Ines is her breasts, which seem to catch the eye of all who come into contact with her. This becomes a running gag among the group, particularly the male members, and is even noted in her description of the imperial army's wanted posters.

Cut-in image for Tales of Hearts.

Ines has a cheerful, optimistic personality and frequently offers helpful advice or encouraging words to other group members when they have doubts. Ines is also a woman of money and makes her business matters a priority in nearly all affairs. She has a tendency to blackmail, or in her terms, recruit, others into working for her business, lovingly deeming them "mules".



  • In a skit, Kunzite reveals that Ines's bust, waist, and hip measurements are 2.6, 1.72, and 2.52 warth, a measurement used in the Age of Stones. According to Kunzite, the radius of the equator is equal to 18,233,285.75 warth. In kilometers, the radius is is 6,371 km. By doing ((km/warth)*100,000), one can determine how many centimeters are in a warth. (6,371/18,233,285.75)*100,00) = 34.9415902726, which can simply round to 35. From this, it can be concluded that Ines's measurements, in centimeters, are 91-60-88.
  • In the localization for Tales of Graces, Ines retains the Japanese romanization of her name, "Innes", in the Magic Carta minigame.