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Inferia City
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Eastern Continent

Inferia City is the capital city of Inferia in Tales of Eternia. It is home to the royal family, which currently consists of the King, Queen, and their daughter, Princess Arende. A large city with high regard, the residents here distinguish themselves from country residents with their sophisticated clothing. The city is home to the Coliseum, the Royal Observatory, and the Church of Seyfert.


During the events of the story, after receiving the Greater Craymel of Water, Undine, Reid Hershel suggests informing the King of the Grand Fall, as he feels it is too much of a burden for the group to tackle alone, requiring the royal army instead. Upon arrival, the group visits the castle only to be rejected by the guards, so they decide to instead visit the Royal Observatory to view the dark matter through the telescope there. However, they are again stopped and rejected, this time by a researcher.

They then venture to the Church of Seyfert, where Keele Zeibel informs Archbishop Galvani of the growing dark matter and describes this as a sign of future world destruction, whereupon Galvani accuses them of blasphemy because he believes that dark matter is a sign of Seyfert's return. The heroes are brought to the castle and sentenced to death by drowning. Desperately, Keele shouts his theory up from the chamber, but only Arende shows interesting in listening. After an unsuccessful attempt to drain the water, the heroes are freed after Claudio Zosimos reads Keele's discarded documents and then measures for himself the distance between Inferia and Celestia, indicating that it has decreased.

Zosimos requests that Keele support him in his research. Meanwhile, the others remain in the castle as guests until the following morning, when the King declares war against Celestia, believing the Grand Fall to be their plot. Zosimos also confirms this, and when Keele questions it, Zosimos states that he must adhere to the King's wishes. Roen Lamoa leads them out of the castle and presents them with passenger tickets granting access to the royal ships. At the harbor, Keele takes his leave of the group because he has been offered a job at the Royal Observatory, which has always been his dream.