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Infernal Prison as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Infernal Prison (イグニートプリズン Iguniitopurizun?, "Ignite Prison") is an advanced Fire-elemental spell in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History

When cast, Infernal Prison creates a red glyph on the ground. Flame pillars then rise diagonally from four points within the glyph, trapping the foe in a pyramidal "cage" of fire. A final burst of flame gushes from the middle of the glyph, ending the spell effect. This spell is used for the first time in Tales of the Abyss by Jade Curtiss. Casting Infernal Prison within a fully-charged Water or Dark FOF Circle will produce the FOF Change Raging Mist.

In Tales of Hearts, Infernal Prison is a combination arte that is activated by summoning either Kohaku Hearts or Beryl Benito into battle using the Connect Command panel and controlling the opposite character to cast both Explode and Stone Wall at the same time. Infernal Prison also appears as a support arte that is activated by Jade Curtiss, when he is summoned into battle.

The move appears again in Tales of Hearts R as a spell for Kohaku, with the animation similar to the one appearing in Tales of Graces. In Tales of Graces ƒ, it is originally learned by Pascal, but Richard can learn by acquiring a title awarded by fighting together with Pascal. Pascal's version is centered on herself, much like her other glyph artes, but Richard's version is centered on his target. In terms of spell effect, it loses its final burst of flame in this game's version.


Infernal Prison as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Original Titles

Cross-Over Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the Abyss

Localized Description: "High: A glyph appears and fiery jets blare up all around, scorching those within."

User: Jade Curtiss
Japanese Quote: 業火よ、焔の檻にて焼き尽くせ、イグニートプリズン!
Romanized Quote: Gouka yo, homura no ori nite yaki tsukuse, Iguniitopurizun!
Localized Quote: "O flames of hell, cremate my enemies in a cage of fire. Infernal Prison!"

User: Nebilim
Localized Quote: "Cremate them in a cage of fire! Infernal Prison!"

Tales of Graces

User: Pascal
Localized Description: "A glyph arte that burns all foes within the area with searing hellfire."

Normal Spellcasting Time:
Japanese Quote: 贖うは地獄の業炎、イグニートプリズン!
Romanized Quote: Aganau wa jigoku no gouen, Iguniitopurizun!
Localized Quote: "Find redemption in hell... Infernal Prison!"

Shortened Spellcasting Time:
Japanese Quote: お仕置きファイアー、イグニーちゃん!
Romanized Quote: Oshioki faiaa, Igunii-chan!
Translated Quote: "Punishing fire, Ignii-chan!"
Localized Quote: "Punishing flames. It's I.P. time!"

User: Richard
Localized Description: "A cryas arte learned from Pascal that burns all foes within the area with hellfire."

Japanese Quote: 炎の檻に惑え!真紅の業火!イグニートプリズン!
Romanized Quote: Honou no ori ni madoe! Shinku no gouka! Iguniitopurizun!
Translated Quote: "Deluded in a cage of flames! Crimson hellfire! Ignite Prison!"
Localized Quote: "Stand in thrall in your scarlet cell. Infernal Prison!"

Alternate Localized Quote: "Stand in thrall at the bars of your scarlet cell. Infernal Prison!"

Tales of the Rays

Japanese Description: 炎を噴出させ敵を巻き上げる

User: Creed Graphite
Japanese Quote: 近づくな!イグニートプリズン!

User: Pascal
Japanese Description:


Japanese Quote: 揺り起こせ焼熱!イグニートプリズン!