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Appearance Tales of Berseria
Race Empyrean
Occupation Leader of the Empyreans
Weapon Paper
Japanese Voice Actor Rie Kugimiya
English Voice Actor Abby Trott[1]
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Innominat (カノヌシ Kanonushi?) is the secondary antagonist of Tales of Berseria. He is the great Empyrean of Suppression whom the Abbey, more specifically Artorius Collbrande, is attempting to revive so that he may sunder emotion from humanity and "free" the world of malevolence, of which he is the only being who can resist and devour as a food source.


Innominat lies dormant until the Advent, in which he assumes the body of the sacrificed Laphicet Crowe by the hands of Artorius, the very event that prompted the protagonist Velvet Crowe's path of vengeance. It is not revealed until much later in the story, however, that Laphicet was reincarnated as Innominat, who required two Scarlet Night sacrifices in order to fully incarnate himself into the world. The first sacrifice was Artorius and Celica Crowe's nameless, unborn child during the Opening, and the second was Laphicet during the Advent, during which Innominat finishes his incarnation by making Laphicet his malakhim vessel.

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Although Innominat carries with him Laphicet's memories, with which he uses to taunt Velvet, he is an autonomous being who adheres to Artorius's goals in his insatiable desire for malevolence, which he feeds upon. Through seven therions located at different earthpulse points across the world, Innominat uses these "mouths" to strengthen himself, though he requires eight different types of malevolence in order to reach his fullest potential and engulf the planet in a large enough domain that will suppress the entirety of humanity's emotions. These malevolent types are hatred, despair, greed, conceit, obsession, lust, cowardice, and selfishness.

Artorius manages to feed Innominat with six of the eight required types before needing only the two Velvet holds in her possession: hatred and despair. When Velvet loses her despair, Artorius himself offers his own in a final attempt to subdue Velvet and rid the world of emotion. This occurs in Innominat's transcendent body, which is essentially the planet and earthpulse itself. Using the memories of the earthpulse to his advantage, Innominat toys with Velvet's emotions when she becomes trapped in the earthpulse after a confrontation with Artorius. The protagonists eventually confront Artorius for a final time in Innominat's body, fighting the Empyrean alongside Artorius, then lastly fighting their armatized form.

Defeated, Innominat appears physically and mentally exhausted, yearning out of hunger after Velvet kills Artorius. In a dramatic scene, Velvet chooses to seal Innominat away, along with herself, where the two can adhere to a stable, endless cycle of Innominat feeding off Velvet's malevolence while she converts his very power into malevolence. Being that Innominat revives every 1,000 years in order to purge the world of malevolence before falling into a slumber and allowing the four elemental Empyreans to recreate the world, this cycle ends with Velvet's decision, and Laphicet assumes Innominat's place as leader of the Empyreans, taking on the form of a dragon called Maotelus. By the time of the events of Tales of Zestiria, Innominat is long forgotten by the modern populace. Even the protagonists Sorey and Mikleo, who spent their time studying ruins and history, only know him as an enigmatic seraph, appearing only in the most ancient of texts they read.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Berseria.

Innominat mostly levitates off the ground, able to quickly avoid enemy projectiles. Similar to Laphicet and Seres, he uses paper sheets in battle. As one of the most powerful entities in existence, he can also perform some of the deadliest spells in the series, such as Crown Fire, Insubstantiality, and Meteor Storm. His mystic arte is Primal Kill.


  • Innominat derives from the Latin innominatus, meaning "nameless", literally referencing his alias "The Nameless Empyrean".
  • Innominat's Japanese name appears to derive from "that lord" (彼の主 ka no nushi?) and further illustrates his namelessness.


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