The Invoke (アピアース Apiaasu?, "Appears") spells are a set of four spells exclusive to Tear Grants in Tales of the Abyss.

Arte Description and History

When activated, Tear casts one of the four basic elemental FOF Circles beneath her allied target. Each circle created is 50% charged, requiring at least two casts in order to create a complete FOF Circle. The set consists of varying elemental spells learned at different yet consecutive levels. They are as follows:

  • Invoke Ground (アピアース・グランド Apiaasu Gurando?, "Appears Ground"), which creates an Earth-elemental FOF Circle.
  • Invoke Aqua (アピアース・アクア Apiaasu Akua?, "Appears Aqua"), which creates a Water-elemental FOF Circle.
  • Invoke Flame (アピアース・フレイム Apiaasu Fureimu?, "Appears Flame"), which creates a Fire-elemental FOF Circle.
  • Invoke Gale (アピアース・ゲイル Apiaasu Geiru?, "Appears Gale"), which creates a Wind-elemental FOF Circle.

Appearances (Invoke Ground)

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Appearances (Invoke Aqua)

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Appearances (Invoke Flame)

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Appearances (Invoke Gale)

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