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The Invoke (アピアース Apiaasu?, "Appears") spells are a set of four spells exclusive to Tear Grants in Tales of the Abyss.

Arte Description and History[]

When activated, Tear casts one of the four basic elemental FOF Circles beneath her allied target. Each circle created is 50% charged, requiring at least two casts in order to create a complete FOF Circle. The set consists of varying elemental spells learned at different yet consecutive levels. They are as follows:

  • Invoke Ground (アピアース・グランド Apiaasu Gurando?, "Appears Ground"), which creates an Earth-elemental FOF Circle.
  • Invoke Aqua (アピアース・アクア Apiaasu Akua?, "Appears Aqua"), which creates a Water-elemental FOF Circle.
  • Invoke Flame (アピアース・フレイム Apiaasu Fureimu?, "Appears Flame"), which creates a Fire-elemental FOF Circle.
  • Invoke Gale (アピアース・ゲイル Apiaasu Geiru?, "Appears Gale"), which creates a Wind-elemental FOF Circle.

Appearances (Invoke Ground)[]

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Appearances (Invoke Aqua)[]

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Appearances (Invoke Flame)[]

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Appearances (Invoke Gale)[]

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In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Quote: 譜の力よ、
Localized Qoute: "O Fon verse..."

Invoke Ground[]

Japanese Description: 地のFOFを発生させる初級譜術。
Localized Description: "Novice: Invoke an earth-based FOF."

Invoke Aqua[]

Japanese Description: 水のFOFを発生させる初級譜術。
Localized Description: "Novice: Invoke a water-based FOF."

Invoke Flame[]

Japanese Description: 火のFOFを発生させる初級譜術。
Localized Description: "Novice: Invoke a fire-based FOF."

Invoke Gale[]

Japanese Description: 風のFOFを発生させる初級譜術。
Localized Description: "Novice: Invoke a wind-based FOF."