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Iola Hearts
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Hometown Dronning
Race Organican
Weapon Soma Wahrheit
Japanese Voice Actor Yuriko Yamaguchi

Iola Hearts (アイオラ・ハーツ?) was a major character in Tales of Hearts. She was the sister of Sapphire Hearts and the mother of Hisui and Kohaku Hearts.


Iola hailed from the village of Dronning, a mountain village that sheltered the Spiria of Lithia Spodumene. Each generation, Lithia's Spiria would be passed down from vessel to vessel in an attempt to fight the endless war against Creed Graphite. To protect the rest of the village from Creed's wrath, Iola formed a barrier around Dronning.

Seventeen years prior to the beginning of the game, Iola already had a son named Hisui, and had another child on the way. To give her children a future, Iola fought alongside Sydan Meteor, his daughter Kardia Meteor, who was pregnant with her own child, Labrodor Akerman, and prince Tekt Tourmaline against the emperor Zirconia Tourmaline, who was under the influence of Creed at that time. One day, however, the battle took a turn for the worst when Creed ambushed them on a ship docked near a town. Despite their best efforts, none of them could defeat Creed, who shattered Iola's Spiria to render Lithia immobile. Right before that could happen, however, Iola transferred Lithia's Spiria to her unborn child's to give her a fighting chance.

After the battle, Labrodor took Iola's Soma and would later give it to his son, Chalcedony. Despite losing her Spiria, Iola's body endured long enough to give birth to a girl named Kohaku. It is unknown what happened afterward, but she is heavily implied to be deceased by the beginning of the game due to losing her Spiria.