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Ion Extension 1

The beginning part of the extension.

Ion (イオン召喚 Ion Shoukan?, "Ion Summon") is a mystic arte that appears in Tales of the Abyss as an extension to Luke fon Fabre's Radiant Howl. The mystic arte is exclusive to the North American version of the game and integrated into the Japanese version with the Nintendo 3DS release.

Arte Description and History[]

Ion Extension 2

The final part of the extension.

When the mystic arte is executed, Ion will temporarily appear on the battlefield and cast the same Daathic fonic arte that he uses when he first entered the Cheagle Woods. When the arte has finished, he stands and appears to be suffering from fatigue as a result of using his powers. If Anise Tatlin is present in the battle party at the time of use, she vocally addresses Ion as he is about to collapse. This mystic arte is an extension that can be used only after holding the Attack button during Radiant Howl, activating immediately after the preceding arte is finished. This extension is unavailable until after completing the first playthrough of the game, or if a clear save file exists on the memory card. Because this attack features Ion in physical form, the extension cannot be used unless Ion is traveling with the party.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Quote: 僕でお役に立てるでしょうか…?行きます…!
Localized Quote: "Perhaps I can help. Here goes..."

If Anise is in the active party:

Japanese Quote:

Anise: イオン様!
Ion: 大丈夫です…

Localized Quote:

Anise: "Ion!"
Ion: "I-I'm fine."