Aselia Wiki
Iselia Forest
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Southwestern Continent

Iselia Forest is a woodland area near Iselia that houses the Iselia Human Ranch and leads to Dirk's House in Tales of Symphonia. The powerful Sword Dancer can be fought for the final time here, if all necessary circumstances are met.


Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage first enter Iselia Forest on their way to Lloyd's home. Genis had asked to tag along in order to meet one of his friends. Slightly confused, Lloyd agrees. Upon entering, Noishe becomes nervous and flees. The boys come to a crossroads, where Genis says he will be taking his leave. However, Lloyd notices that Genis is heading toward the human ranch deep in the forest, so he insists on joining him. There, they meet Genis's friend Marble, an elderly woman being held prisoner within the ranch. Lloyd notices her Exsphere lacks a Key Crest and explains the danger of it.

After some persuasion from Genis, Lloyd agrees to make Marble the Key Crest and she thanks him, but the Desian guards soon notice her and begin shouting. In a desperate attempt to save Marble, Lloyd and Genis execute a plan of attacking the guards, then fleeing. Two guards, however, see Lloyd's face, so he kills them. Afterward, he jumps down the cliff to the entrance of the forest, where Genis awaits him and apologizes for causing the guards to see his face. Lloyd is oblivious to the seriousness of the matter and forgives him. Genis then returns home to Iselia, and Lloyd continues to Dirk's House.