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Isla (ToX).png
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Xian Du
Race Human
Occupation Doctor
Japanese Voice Actor Hiromi Hirata

Isla (イスラ Isura?) is a supporting character in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. She is the fiance of Yurgen Kitarl and caretaker of Alvin's mother, Leticia.


Isla is first met when the group enters Xian Du. After a boulder falls from a nearby cliff and mildly injures Leia Rolando, Isla rushes to her aide, introducing herself as a doctor. The group later discovers her to be Yurgen's fiance, and they also uncover the truth about her past and occupation. It is revealed that she had a terrible childhood and was the one who picked up Elize Lutus and took her to the Labari Institute, where booster research was being conducted prior to the events of the story. A trail of clues leads to Jude Mathis unveiling the secret. Some townspeople had inquired as to whether the group were fighters or spectators, recognizing they were outsiders and knowing that the city's tournament was taking place.

When Isla first met the group, she asked what they were doing in town, but Jude is later able to detect Isla's ploy through the townspeople's comments. He confronts her into confessing that she was told to approach them by Exodus, but that, just as before in her past, she has no choice in the matter. She begs the group not to tell Yurgen of her past and present actions, as she is sure he will leave her if he ever found out. Isla is also later revealed to be the caretaker of Alvin's mother, Leticia, whom the group visits at some point.

Outside the home, Isla approaches Alvin and attempts to justify her past once more by telling him she was an orphan as well, and that had she not gotten involved in that line of work, she never would have survived her childhood. She tells him that she does not want to look after his mother anymore, as well as that she wants him to tell Exodus to leave her alone. Alvin refuses, stating that only Exodus has the medicine his mother needs and only Isla will prescribe it. He tells her that, if she wants to continue keeping these secrets from Yurgen, she has to oblige. Isla is left in tears as Alvin returns to the others and they leave. Later on in the game it is revealed that she has been poisoning Alvin's mother, in spite of the fact that his mother's last request to him was for him to release Isla. She doesn't believe Alvin and so she jumps off a cliff; even though Jude is able to heal her body, her mind is shattered. This leads her to continue mumbling about her terrible childhood of not wanting to be sold.