Hod's sister city, governed previously by Malkuth. was destroyed by a tidal wave that appeared after Hod's destruction.

The Isle of Feres (フェレス島廃墟群?) was an island located off the coast of the city-state Hod in Tales of the Abyss. It, along with Hod, eventually became part of the Malkuth Empire.


Like Hod, the Isle of Feres seemed to boast one large city dominating a majority the island land it sat upon. Its proximity to Hod is unknown, but its size was smaller. Featuring similar architecture to Hod, the Isle of Feres donned large buildings connected by ground and sky walkways.


The Isle of Feres joined Malkuth at the same time as Hod and sank to the bottom of the sea following Hod's destruction, as a tidal wave proved devastating enough to overcome the island. This resulted in a vast majority of the island's population being killed, with very few survivors. The God-General Arietta is one such survivor, though her family was killed by the tidal wave. She was thereafter raised by ligers, resulting in her ability to communicate with monsters. The Dark Wings were also survivors of the disaster and managed to board a passing ship in the aftermath of the event. During the story, Van Grants replicates both the Isle of Feres and Hod, making the Isle of Feres Arietta's own private ship that drifts across the seas, also housing a fomicry machine used for replication.

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