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Ivis (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Occupation •Sorceress
•Founder of the Nation of Sin

Ivis (アイビス Aibisu?) is a support character in Tales of Crestoria. She is an ancient sorceress who appear to be transgressors' ally.


Ivis is a person shrouded in mystery. She created the barrier around the Nation of Sin using uncorrupted mana as a means to protect transgressors from the ever-restless enforcers. After Kanata Hjuger killed his father Cody, she took his daughter Sonia in and cared for her along with other villagers of Nokana. However shortly afterward, she left on a journey to parts unknown.

Ivis arrives in Yednark to find that Vicious has awakened his Great Transgressor powers in order to fight Kasque. Seeing that he cannot control these powers and is a danger to others around him, Ivis seals them away and reverts Vicious to his normal form. Knowing that he and his friends, Kanata, Misella, Aegis Alver and Yuna Azetta are inevitably going to fight Kasque again, Ivis advises the transgressors to cross the mountains in the east and reach the Arabumi Plateau, for it is said that there, one can confront the innermost self buried so deeply, that they do not know it exists. There, they may confront their sins once more, so that they may unlock the full power of their Blood Sins and Vicious may gain full control of his Great Transgressor powers. Having said her part, Ivis leaves Yednark.

Appearance and Personality

Ivis is a sorceress of indeterminate age. She has long crimson hair and violet eyes. She wears deep purple dress and a black bolero coat. Contrary to most people in the world, she does not appear to carry a vision orb, at least on public display.

While not much is known about Ivis, she is shown to be a very caring person, as evidenced by caring for Sonia after the death of her father. Ivis is also compassionate toward transgressors and, wishing for them to live in peace, created a safe haven for them.


  • During the initial release of Chapter 3, Ivis was referred to with male pronouns. A version update between Chapter 3 and the release of Chapter 6 changed this to gender-neutral language.