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Ix Nieves
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Hometown Odanse
Age 17
Height •178 cm (Arc 1)
•180 cm (Arc 3)
Weight •68 kg (Arc 1)
•69 kg (Arc 3)
Race Human
Occupation •Fisherman (previously)
Mirrist (currently)
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae
Character Designer •Hidenori Matsubara
(Arc 1)
•Koichi Itakura
(Arc 3/Spirit Gear)

Ix Nieves (イクス・ネーヴェ Ikusu Neeve?, "Ickx Neve") is a character in Tales of the Rays.


Having lost both his parents when he was just five-years-old, Ix was raised by and has lived among islanders. Because of this, he has a strong, independent mind that extremely fears burdening others. This gives him the tendency to act tough despite actually needing assistance. Although he comes from a family line of mirrists, having lost both his parents because of their research on mirrages, he has viewed the power as something too strong to handle that will only bring calamity. Since then, he has lived a life that would have nothing to do with mirrists or mirrages. Somewhat a negative thinker, he has a tendency to imagine the "worst case scenario" whenever something happens.

Appearance and Personality

Ix originally wears turquoise shirt, white pants, a blue vest, blue boots, and blue braces on each arm. Ix's outfit in Fairy's Requiem was handmade by Mileena Weiss. They are also wearing matching bracelets.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Ix uses a traditional sword in battle, similarly to other main characters in the series. Aside from utilizing various sword techniques, he also uses his left hand in battle. His mirrage artes are of offensive nature. Ix is also the only character in the game who can use Overray (オーバーレイ?) a transformation that fills one bar of his mirrage gauge. However, the player can only use this up to four times, and requires six hours to recharge one.

During the second arc, Ix is replaced by his mirrite Kocis, who gains new powers and artes throughout the story. By the start of the third arc, Ix retakes his places and inherits Kocis's artes, whereas Kocis is given an alternate arteset.



  • His favorite color is black. He makes Mileena's outfit in Fairy's Requiem red because he thinks it suits her, and black because "it looks cool." He is jealous of people like Nazar, Victor, and Duke Pantarei for how cool their outfits look. Kocis's outfits in his adult form are an extension of his own desire to look cool.
  • He has a photographic memory.