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Izoold (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Southwestern Continent

Izoold, the Small Fishing Port (小さな漁港イズールド Chiisana Gyokou Izuurudo?) is a port town of fishermen in Tales of Symphonia. The group first reaches Izoold after passing through the Ossa Trail and eventually boards a ship en route to Palmacosta.


Izoold is a small seaside town that thrives on fishing. It has the second largest yearly catch in all of Sylvarant. The different seafood products made at the port town are known around the world; especially Izoold's most famous souvenirs: Red Blowfish cakes and "Seafood Gels". Izoold sits on the coast and effectively serves as a fishing port with docks built near the water. The buildings are primarily constructed from wood, with stones on rooftops—a safety precaution commonly utilized to prevent damage from violent weather.


Tales of Symphonia

When the group arrives, they agree to look for a boat they can use to travel to Palmacosta in order to reach the next seal, which Remiel told them would be across the sea. In Izoold, the group is told that Aifread, a somewhat famous captain, left a long time ago, leaving a woman named Lyla distraught in hoping he will someday return. Lyla later demands that Max, who is in love with her, take the group across the sea so that they can find Aifread and give him her letter, a task to which he reluctantly agrees. This initiates a sidequest involving Aifread that cannot be completed until much later in the game. During the group's subsequent visit to Izoold, after Raine Sage has learned Resurrection, they find Clara at the beach, still trapped in her monster form. Although a group of mercenaries attempt to kill her, the group stops them and allows Raine to use her healing spell, which returns Clara to her normal human form, leaving her grateful.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Izoold as it appears in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the group discovers Regal Bryant imprisoned in Izoold for causing a number of fire incidents, and because of these fires, a gel-maker named Berg fell into coma. The group decides to find a cure for the man so that he can testify on Regal's behalf, as Regal claims to have not caused the fires. As healing artes from neither Raine nor Marta Lualdi work, the group resolves to find an herb that might cure him. When they return, they give Berg the herb, which proves successful. Berg thanks the group and states that he will explain the misunderstanding to the guards so that Regal may be free. When the group returns to the cells, they discover that the guard has lost the key for Regal's shackles, leaving Regal to destroy them himself. To compensate for the broken cuffs, Regal offers the guard his own company's better-quality shackles and joins the group afterward.