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Jababa Sprite (TotW-ND3).png
Appearance Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3
Japanese Voice Actor Tatsuta Naoki

Jababa (ジャババ?) is the primary antagonist and final boss of Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3. He is fought as a special boss after the game and serves as the game's true central antagonist, aside from Evil Julio and Evil Caro.


One-hundred days in the future, Evil Julio and Evil Caro claimed they freed the Demon Lord Jababa so that they can fight the evil being and test their skills. However, they lost, and Jababa crawled the land freely, killing and destroying all in his path. This is the time when future Julio and Caro turned evil and decided to return one hundred days from the past to stop their other selves from unsealing Jababa. Later, they have a change of heart after they are defeated by the Julio and Caro, entrusting them to defeat Jababa. After Jababa is freed again by the protagonists, he taunts them, but unknown to him, the heroes are now ready to take him on. He attacks them using his full power as a Demon Lord but is defeated. Afterward, he tells the heroes that he has lived for many years and will live again.