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Janis Kern
Janis Kern
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Race Human
Occupation Scientist
Japanese Voice Actor Shinya Mamoru Endo
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Janis Kern (ジャニス・カーン Janisu Kaan?) is an original character that appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. Janis is a scientist who studies the properties of mana.


The Mana Researcher[]

Janis Kern is first met with his assistant during the fifth story mission in the mines after the Protagonist along with Raine Sage defeat the worm monster blocking his machine. Raine tells Janis to answer her questions, but Janis refuses and runs away with his assistant. Janis is not seen again till the seventh story mission in the roots of the World Tree, when the Protagonist, along with Zelos Wilder and Presea Combatir. When the party first finds him and assistant they runs away to the end of the area. There they are placing a bomb on the giant plant there to see what is hidden beneath it. The protagonist explains the situation and agrees to remove the bomb and orders his assistant to disable it, but he accidentally sets it off. By doing this they release the character Goede from his prison. Goede threatens to kill the entire group which causes Janis and the assistant to run away.


Janis later appears on the Van Eltia and gives Raine and Harold Berselius information, but he is interrupted when Asch comes out and attempts to attack him. The protagonist manages to hold Asch back from attacking him. Janis leaves after they tell him to get out of the ship. Janis is seen one more time during the mission in the mines, there Janis and his assistant are going to be killed by soldiers. The soldier transform into the monster "Blade Rex" and fights the party. After defeating the monster Janis gives the Protagonist, Harold, and Asch a container of crystals which will be used to control the antennas that will be used to erase Goede's negative energy.


One month after the events of the game, Janis is an important scholar and helped devise a new form of mana called "Grandmana". Sometime before that Janis and Paneer eventually got married. He does not live with Paneer on the Van Eltia, but he does apparently visit her.

Appearance and Personality[]

Janis is a tall man that has black hair and wear glasses. Janis wears a red polka dot shirt, a light green vest, with a white lab coat covering over, he wears brown pants, and tan shoes. Throughout the entire game, Janis uses a unique mix of Japanese and English languages when speaking.