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Jay (ToL) Artwork
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Hometown Oresoren Village
Age 16
Height 5'1" / 155 cm
Weight 104 lbs / 47 kg
Race Orerines
Occupation Assassin (formerly)
Weapon Knives
Japanese Voice Actor Ryouko Shiraishi
Character Designer Kazuto Nakazawa

Jay the Unseen (不可視のジェイ Fukashi no Jei?) is one of the protagonists in Tales of Legendia. He is a young boy who has lived with small, otter-like creatures called Oresoren for most of his life. He is extremely protective of these creatures, and he will do everything in his power to make sure that no harm may come to them. He is considered a genius in tactics, and he is highly knowledgeable when it comes to geography.



Before the events of the story, Jay was abandoned as a baby and found by an assassin named Solon. Over the years, Jay began to train under Solon in the art of assassination. Jay was beaten and punished whenever he tried to rest or show any emotion. One day, Jay, Solon and his men were sent to the Legacy, but another group of men were waiting for them, annihilating every one of Solon's men. With only Jay and Solon left to be killed, Solon then abandoned Jay as a decoy and escaped. Jay was attacked, but he managed to escape as well. Jay then wandered around the Legacy, weak and on the verge of death, he eventually collapsed in front of the Oresoren Village. Three young Oresoren, Quppo, Pippo, and Poppo, found Jay and took him back to the village. Within the Oresoren Village, Jay was silent and never talked to Quppo and the others, but eventually he grew fond of them and opened himself to their friendship. Jay eventually decided to make the Oresoren Village his new home, leaving his old life behind.

In Pursuit[]

Jay is first seen in the fountain plaza in Werites Beacon as one of the first eventual protagonists that Senel Coolidge meets on the Legacy. Their meeting is anything but friendly, as Jay leads Senel to be caught in a small quarrel with the townsmen, and later the "Bantam Bouncers", by tricking everyone into thinking that Senel was taunting everyone around him into betting for a battle challenge against him. Jay then leaves the fountain plaza before he can be caught.

Out of Reach[]

During the events of the second chapter, Will Raynard and Chloe Valens desire Jay's help in finding Shirley Fennes. Jay leaves a letter for the two in the fountain and tells them to go to Port-on-Rage. At the port, Jay pretends to be a ship repairman. Will asks if the boat is his, then requests a ride to The Crags. While heading to the Crags, Jay encounters Senel again and challenges him to a boat race and wins due to the fact that Senel's boat's engine begins to burn up. Once at the Oresoren Village, Jay brings out a group of Oresoren to create a fake ambush in an attempt to surprise them, although both Will and Chloe knew of the Oresoren's existence already. Senel, Norma, and Harriet Campbell, along with Poppo, arrive at the scene, causing Jay to ask what Senel was doing being with Poppo. After Senel explains, Jay thanks the group for taking care of the Oresoren.

Jay then takes the party into the village after introducing himself, while he tells the party that Shirley is being taken to the Ruins of Frozen Light. He devises a plan to ambush the Crusand soldiers at the Waterways. Jay departs for the Waterways to prepare the plan, soon meeting the party at the planned location to reveal his plan to save Shirley. However, the plan proceeds to unravel as Moses Sandor and his men interfere. After the party escapes from the Waterways, Jay leaves for the Ruins of Frozen Light to discover more information about what Vaclav Bolud plans for Shirley.

Fateful Encounter[]

At the Ruins of Frozen Light, Jay encounters the party and instructs them to go to the Great Hollow to meet Poppo, who would lead them into the ruins by another route, due to the tight security that prevents the group from getting into the Ruins from the usual entryway. However, Jay does not inform them that there is another entrance immediately nearby. At the Great Hallow, Jay reveals that the party must enter the ruins through Poppo's submarine, the "Poppo Mark III". After the party departs once again for the Ruins of Frozen Light, Jay is not seen again until the events at Maurits' Hermitage.

War-Torn Land[]

Jay (ToCE)

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Jay meets the party when they return to the Village of the Ferines after retrieving the Whisper Crystal from the Man Eating Ruins. He is the strategy officer for the upcoming war, formulating plans with the help of Will and Maurits Welnes. During the war, Jay is with Maurits and the Bouncers for most of the time during raid at the Front Line base. Jay never enters the battlefield until he learns that the Oresoren are also fighting Vaclav's soldiers. Jay meets with Quppo and his brothers, saving them from being attacked by the enemy soldiers that had surrounded them. Senel's group is also there at this time, and after Jay tells the Oresoren that they will be returning to the camp together, he turns to Senel's group to tell them they will be leaving the battlefield. But he is cut off by Quppo, who says they still want to fight with them. Even through the attempts of persuasion from the Oresoren and Senel's group, Jay insists he will not allow the Oresoren to participate in combat. However, he tells them that he will go with the group in place of the Oresoren, also suggesting that the Oresoren provide backup support from the rear. He is welcomed into the party by Senel before they depart to the Bridge of the Legacy.

After Jay joins the group, the party storms the Bridge of the Legacy, where they come into contact with Melanie the Crimson. Rather than fighting her, they run to avoid wasting any time, at Jay's suggestion. However, she is seen again further inside the Bridge, where the group is forced to fight her. When the party confronts Cashel the Phantom, Jay manages to easily see through all his illusions, eventually cornering him to allow the party to attack. After the battle, Moses welcomes Jay to the group for having helped him avenge the other bandits. Jay does not have much involvement during the battle with Stingle the Vicious, although he does briefly speak with Moses about Chloe seeming to know Stingle. At the final level of the Bridge, Jay and the others witness the Nerifes Cannon being launched. After realizing that Shirley and her sister Stella Telmes are still alive, the party battles and manages to defeat Vaclav. However, Vaclav manages to fire the cannon one more time, and Stella sacrifices her Teriques to destroy the blast, dying in the process. After the war is over, Jay departs from Werites Beacon, leaving the party to their celebrations.


Two weeks later, Jay returns to Werites Beacon, first seen spying on Will's conversation with the captain of the Gadorian Knights. He recieves a medal from Gadoria from Senel and Harriet for helping during the war. Jay departs for the Village of the Ferines with the party to speak with Maurits once their group is gathered together. The next day Jay and the others go to Vaclav's Hidden Fortress with Walter Delques to search for Vaclav's remaining troops. Jay recognizes the Hidden Fortress to be connected to Vaclav's army, but he wonders if there are truly any soldiers who remain there.

This turns out to be a trap set by Walter in a attempt to keep them from finding out about the Rite of Accession by killing them, but his plans are interrupted by urgent news about events occurring at the Altar of the Sea. At the altar, Jay and the others arrive and learn that Fenimore Xelhes is dead. Shirley, as the Merines, takes away the eres of the entire party, leaving them defenseless from being killed by their former allies, but they are saved by the Summon Spirit Celsius, who appeared due to Grune's wish to protect the group.

The Fallen Lands[]

After taking the chance to escape, Jay and Will go to Madame Musette's house to speak with her. They obtain the image of the lighthouse in Werites Beacon within their minds, and they decide to go there to meet with Senel and the others. There they find a elevator and it leads them to the Quiet Lands, Jay and the party find out that their eres are working again. When the party finds themselves in the Fallen Lands, they name it the "Quiet Lands". When Chloe mentions that it is a good thing to ended up there, as they can use eres in this area, Jay becomes suspicious and believes they were actually led to this place by someone. As the group goes through the four dungeons of the Quiet Lands, Jay starts up the discussions about what they had seen that day for each dungeon. During their time in this area, Jay is constantly asking Senel if he prepared to find out the answers to their questions. This eventually leads to tension between the two. Eventually, Jay finally explains who it is he believes has been answering their questions. As he explains, Senel realizes there may be a Nerifes of the Quiet Lands, separate from the above. Jay tells him that is what he believes. By the fourth dungeon, both boys are very upset. When the party goes to receive Sacred Eres, Jay tells them that eres may be a communication method for speaking with Nerifes.

After Senel is rejected by Nerifes, Jay is forced to make plans that do not involve him. During the meeting, he tells everyone that if they cannot kill Shirley themselves, he will do it. He abruptly ends the meeting and leaves, and Moses says that he is disappointed, having not known Jay was so cold. Jay is alone with the Oresoren later that night, where Will and Moses go to speak to him. Will says that they will bear this burden together, and Moses tells him that he cannot just stand by and watch the two of them suffer. The next day, after Senel receives his Sacred Eres, Jay realizes he must plan the operation over again. Senel apologizes for worrying him, and tells him that from the on, they are a team. Moses rushes over to say that the moment is touching, while Jay asks what he is doing there, as nobody called for him. This lightens the mood, as everyone is back to normal. Jay soon leads everyone back to the elevator. He shows them the tram that the Oresoren found, and the party uses it to reach Mirage Palace.

Shining Blue[]

After Senel fails to convince Shirley at Mirage Palace, Jay recognizes the trail across the heavens that is extending from Werites Beacon's lighthouse to the Wings of Light, which Shirley has relocated herself to. When the party heads back to town, Jay requests a night to test out the tram running on the Trail Across the Heavens, and later that night is brought to a party by Grune at the Fountain Plaza that was started by Norma.

In the Wings of Light, the party comes across an image that that Chloe points out seems to be trying to explain something. Grune points out that it looks as though it is creating land, and although the others settle on thinking about it later, Jay questions to himself why the Radiant would care so much about the land in the first place, seeing as they were trying to destroy it. When the group confronts Maurits, Maurits begins to explain the truth about the Wins of Light, as well as the truth about the Orerines and the Ferines. Jay comments that what Maurits had told them was likely the truth, explaining what he considered to be odd points. After everyone finally understands, they seem to lose faith until Chloe tells Senel that even if it is him alone, she will insure someone gets to Shirley. Jay, along with the others, free Senel enough from the Teriques restricting his movements so that he can stop Shirley. After the last battle at the Wings of Light, Jay returns to the Oresoren Village.

The Guardian and the Guarded[]

Jay's Character Quest begins after Musette informs the party of a group of assassins that have infiltrated the Legacy. They head to the Secret Passage, where after they face a first ninja, Jay recognizes the enemy's style of fighting. The party is unsure as to why his behavior has suddenly changed, as he was easily angered with Moses and Norma's comments. After making their way a bit farther into the Secret Passage, they are faced with an enemy who summons a monster to attack them. Once the battle is over, Jay tells the others to leave things to him as he runs off to follow their enemy. He leaves, the party, leaving the rest of the group to chase after him. Once Jay catches up to their enemy, he attacks but misses, due to his enemy disappearing and reappearing behind him. He immediately recognizes the person behind him to be Solon, his former trainer and foster father. He loses his usual composure when faced with Solon, who tells Jay he wants help with his job. Jay refuses, but Solon hits him until he falls to the ground. Solon soon begins to imply that he will kill the Oresoren if Jay continues to refuse to help him. The party soon catches up to them, Senel attacking Solon to move him away from Jay.

Jay (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

After Solon leaves, Jay collapses, with Will commenting that he looks pale. They decide to bring him back to the Oresoren Village. Once there, Jay walks on ahead to his house even though the others stopped walking. Pippo, Quppo and Poppo wonder what happened, saying that he would not respond when they spoke to him. Senel tells them what happened, and they know right away that the person Senel told them about was Solon. The three brothers go on to tell the party about Jay's history with Solon, explaining that he was abandoned by his parents and raised by Solon as an assassin. Solon had brought a number of his men with him, along with Jay, to the Legacy to attempt to assassinate someone, but the group was defeated, and Solon left Jay behind as a decoy to escape. Jay had collapsed outside of the Oresoren Village, where the brothers found him and took him in. The party agrees to help save Jay, while Moses also tells the Oresoren to take care of Jay for them. Jay is then seen by himself, while the three brothers try talking to him. He does not respond to them, although he is affected by the black mist due to his feelings of loneliness. He begins to become confused as to what he should and what it is he is supposed to do.

The next day, Jay tells everyone at Will's house that he wants them to go eliminate Solon. He and the others head to the Ruins of Frozen Light, where Jay continuously seems very down, while Norma eventually notices that something about Jay and Moses's usual remarks to each other are off. The party eventually reaches the last room of the Ruins, where Jay tells Shirley something is written in Relares, and asks if he she can come over to read it. However, this is a trap set up by Solon, in which Jay knocks Shirley unconscious, and the rest of the party is trapped in a cage surrounded by electricity. Solon takes Jay and Shirley to Mirage Palace, leaving a monster to fight them in the cage, which also becomes surrounded by the now commonly seen black mist. At Mirage Palace, Jay begins to rebel against Solon, constantly throwing insults at him and arguing with him. Solon's most common response is physical abuse, although he does comment on Jay's "Star Festival" wish of a family. This happens shortly after black mist surrounds him, when Jay loses his Festival leaf from being knocked down. Jay asks if it is wrong for him to want a family, and Solon tells him that he is nothing more than an instrument of killing and that he could never have a family.

As soon as Solon is about to hit Jay again, he is hit by something. The three Oresoren brothers tell him they are Jay's family, and they tell Shirley to take Jay and run. Shirley nods to them and runs to Jay, picking up his Festival leaf as well, pulling Jay along and away from the area. Once the two are away from the fighting, Jay insists that he has to go back and save them. As he talks with Shirley, Shirley tells him that his heart is very weak, but he has the strength to defeat his enemies. She mentions that the Oresoren have the opposite traits, and she believes it is reasons such as these that people reach out to each other. Jay believes he has no one to reach out to, which causes to Shirley to ask him if he ever wondered what the others would say about that. She says they have all been worried about him and have reached out to him, namely Senel and Moses. She says she is going back to them for help, then tells Jay to decide for himself as to what he wants to do. Jay remembers how he was with the Oresoren as a child, and lastly thinks of himself chasing after Moses, with Senel chasing him and the Oresoren chasing behind. He then tells Shirley he is also going back, as he needs everyone's help.

They return to the Oresoren Village, where Shirley tells Jay not to forget what they came back for. Jay begins to tell everyone about his relationship to the Oresoren, and how they have called him family. He admits that he cannot lose anyone like that, and begins crying in front of Senel and the others. After saying he wants to protect them, Senel hits him on the head, telling him to stop crying, and that he had just said he wanted to protect someone. Moses says he will not forgive the person who made his little brother cry, while Chloe congratulates him for now having a brother. Norma becomes upset that only they did it, saying that at times like that, everyone should join in. The party agrees, and they head off to Mirage Palace to rescue the Oresoren.

Once everyone is at Mirage Palace, the party catches up to Quppo, where he tells Jay that his eyes have become strong. This is shown once the group meets up with Pippo and Poppo, who are still fighting off Solon. He tells Solon that he will pay for hurting the Oresoren, which Solon mocks him by saying that he is not afraid of him as long as his friends are around. Moses tells him he will pay for everything he is ever done to Jay. Solon remarks that the group has no idea of the things he has done, although Senel tells him they do know, and that is why they were all there together with him. Black Mist begins to surround Solon again, and it also envelops Jay. Jay begins to agree with all of Solon's comments of being a murderer, although when Solon tells him to show Senel and the others the truth, calling them fools, Jay tells him the only fool there is him. He attacks Solon, angering him, and Senel tells Jay it is time to finish this by his own hand. The party then fights Solon and Dark Jay.

They are successful in defeating Solon, which then, Jay uses his Sacred Eres to defeat Solon for good. Moses and Senel calls Jay over, holding up their hands for a high fives, which Jay gladly gives them. Shirley shortly after gives Jay his "Star Festival" leaf back, which she had still been holding since she picked it up the last time they were at Mirage Palace. Norma and Moses begin chasing him around, asking what he wrote. He refuses to tell, and although Shirley begins to tease him about telling the others, she never does, making her the only member of the group who knows what he wished for. Senel noticed something sparkling nearby and Jay goes to it, picking it up and realizing it was the bell he always had with him as a child. Norma wonders how much they can get for it, causing Jay to ask what she is thinking. Jay tells Norma to keep her thoughts to herself, although everyone is now in a good mood. With the mood lightened, everyone is glad Jay is back to normal and still together with him, with Moses commenting that their usual attitudes together are the way things should be.

Appearance and Personality[]

Jay (ToL)

While initially seeming to be a rather playful and sarcastic 16-year-old in the eyes of the party, Jay is rather intelligent for his age, knowing a majority of information about the Legacy and what is occurring around him. He obtains most of his information through spying or using the Orosoren for reconnaissance. Jay is also an excellent strategist, creating some of the plans of action that take place during the story. While showing a more developed sense of maturity for his age, Jay can act like a child, claiming that he gets excited when he meets someone who is skilled in something that he can also do. At first he does not get along well with people other than the Orosoren, but over time he becomes more open friendly with his other companions. His constant sarcastic remarks and insults often irritate Norma and Moses, and his practical jokes sometimes cause more harm than good.

Fighting Style[]

Jay Model
Jay (2)

Jay uses a variety of knife throwing techniques and kicking attacks that resemble that of a ninja. He mostly fights with his hands in his pockets, and he uses moderately ranged long distance attacks to damage the enemy without having to put himself into close combat. While he is capable of hitting enemies from far away or from above by using eres like Dagger or Falcon, and for performing combos, Jay has reduced defensive capabilities compared to others who rely on iron eres.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

Jay Cut-in (TotW-RM3)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

Jay appears as a recruitable character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 after Poppo has has been found. Jay is located at the area where the Descender appeared in Rhubarb Mountains and met Kanonno Grassvalley.


  • Like all of the protagonists in Tales of Legendia, save Grune, Jay's name is derived from literature—in his case, the American author Jay McInerney.
  • Jay's nickname from Norma in both the English and Japanese versions of the game is "JJ" (ジェイジェイ Jeijei?).
  • Jay's Character Quest item is a bell Solon stole from him during one of his training sessions. The bell holds a special meaning to Jay, as he has had since he was a baby, and he believes it will help him find his family. Jay's bell is used to customize his strongest weapon, the "Hotate".
  • Jay's "Mascot" costume is a cat.