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Appearance Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Age 42
Height 8'2" / 250 cm
Race Human
Occupation •Chief of the Kitarl Clan
•Member of the Chimeriad
Weapon Hammer
Japanese Voice Actor Ryuuzaburou Ootomo
English Voice Actor Patrick Seitz[1]

Jiao the Immovable (不動のジャオ Fudou no Jao?), birth name Ortega Kitarl (オルテガ・キタル Orutega Kitaru?), is a major antagonist and member of the Chimeriad in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2. In Tales of Xillia, Jiao originally kept Elize Lutus in the basement of the house near the orchard in Hamil in order to keep her safe. In Tales of Xillia 2, Jiao is met during several fractured dimensions, where his role varies from a simple enemy to a character with a distinct story related to some of the fractured dimensions.


Early Life and Mercenary Travels[]

Ortega was born in Auj Oule, within the territories of the Kitarl Clan (キタル族の Kitaru-zoku no?, "Kitarl Tribe"). Being fairly large since his birth, people had great expectations for Ortega, but this changed when it became evident that he had an unnatural affinity with beasts, which people began considering, along with his abnormal size, a curse. As a result of this tribal shame, Ortega's father left the clan, leaving Ortega in the sole care of his mother, though she was also shamed. When he was 20, Ortega became confronted with the current Kitarl chief during that time, who took advantage of Ortega and his mother's isolation, using it to abuse her. Ortega fought with the chief, but the battle ended with both the chief and Ortega's mother dying. Knowing the consequences he would face upon others discovering their bodies, Ortega decided to flee the village and never return.

The years following these events brought with them the Battle of Fezebel and Gaius's subsequent conquest of Auj Oule. It was during this time that Ortega joined a group of mercenaries belonging to the army of King Melard Sarakhs (メラド・サラフス Merado Sarafusu?), who intended to kill Gaius. Ortega found belonging in the group and finally felt accepted among comrades. This belonging is shattered during an attempt to trap Gaius, in which Ortega discovers that he and his comrades were used mere pawns in the ploy, barely escaping with his life. Scorned by this event, Ortega lost trust in people and avoided conflict entirely, attacking supply units in order to survive. This earned him a poor reputation, to which Gaius attempted to confront by dispatching units to catch him, but he always managed to escape.

The Lutus Family and King Gaius[]

At the age of 30, Ortega was injured by an encounter with Gaius's soldiers, forcing him to take shelter in a house in the Mon Highlands. Threatening the couple, Hubert and Ana Lutus, that lived there, they had no choice but to care for him, but Ortega contemplated killing them so that they would not report him. However, he decided not to and eventually built a mutual trust with them and their daughter, Elize. He lived with them for three years, until one day, two mercenaries invaded the home in search of Ortega and killed Hubert and Ana, prompting Ortega to slaughter them in return. The house somehow caught fire, and a young Elize fled into the nearby woods. Although Ortega searched for her, he eventually presumed her to be dead and gave up, returning to his former life.

A year after these events, Ortega sought to take revenge upon Gaius for the tragedy. He found Gaius, alongside Wingul, in the Royal Hunting Grounds. Ortega first fought with Wingul, critically wounding him, before facing Gaius and losing. Gaius presented Ortega with an ultimatum instead of killing him: return to his village and atone for killing its former chief; afterward, return and serve him. Ortega struggled with this decision but decided to return home regardless. In order to be pardoned for crime redemption, he had to retrieve fur from the "Gatrega" that resided in the Xagut Floodmeadow. Ten days later, he returned, having accomplished his task, and was made the new chief of the Kitarl Clan, his crimes being forgiven. Returning to Gaius, he took on the name Jiao, the "horn" of the Chimera, and finally found a place where he felt truly valued.

Tales of Xillia[]

A few years after being initiated into the Chimeriad, Jiao found Elize at a booster research institute and began visiting her, still regretting his involvement in her parents' deaths. The institute was eventually closed, and Jiao personally took Elize under his care, keeping her sheltered in the basement of a house in Hamil, though she was not very welcomed by the town's villagers. One day while away, Jude Mathis, Milla Maxwell, and Alvin find Elize and witness the cruelty she endures by the villagers. Deciding to take her with them, they are confronted by Jiao in the Sapstrath Deepwood and forced to fight him, barely managing to escape. Jiao, realizing that Elize is happy with her new friends, entrusts her to them.

Over the course of the story, Jiao encounters the group on numerous occasions, including a coincidental encounter at Labari Hollow, where the group rescues Elize, having already gained an insight into her troubled past. Jiao faces the group, alongside Wingul and Presa, at Fezebel Marsh in attempt to protect Gaius, but the Chimeriad trio is defeated. He soon reappears during the battle with Exodus after the rupture of the schism and protects Elize, though he is gravely wounded in the process. Realizing he is close to dying, he reveals the truth of Elize's past to her and uses the remainder of his strength to fend off Exodus while the group, Gaius, and the other members of the Chimeriad escape. This honorable death serves as a testament to both Elize and Gaius, both of whom gave him a reason to live.

Appearance and Personality[]

Jiao (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Jiao's appearance is the same in Tales of Xillia and its sequel. He is a considerably tall and bulky man. Jiao is bald but has a long brown beard that parts distinctly, as well as brown eyes, which he rarely opens very widely. He wears a large yellow coat with white fur, as well as a black- and yellow-patterned shirt with fur at the bottom. The same fur can be found on his legs, accompanied by two large pieces of leg armor that share a similar black and yellow pattern as his torso. He wears light brown boots that extend into a black-laced material up to his knees. Jiao's attire is completed by a black round hat with a yellow design and a feather that protrudes from the left side.

Jiao has a strong bond with the other members of the Chimeriad. He often gives Agria sweets and has a drink with Presa, who talks to Jiao about her problems. He looks after them, defending Agria when Wingul and Presa tease her and suggesting bonding activities among the four of them. His true devotion, however, lies within Gaius and Elize, and he makes it is priority in life to do right by both of them. Serving Gaius proves to be honorable for Jiao, finding purpose in repaying the debt of gratitude Gaius showed him. Likewise, Jiao feels a need to look after Elize because of his involvement in her troubled past, and he confesses to her that it was he who killed her parents, as opposed to the mercenaries who actually did, revealing his desire to take full responsibility for the tragedy.

Fighting Style[]

Jiao Cut-in (ToX)

Cut-in image for Resounding Surge in Tales of Xillia.

Jiao fights using a large hammer, though he also uses his fists in combat. He mainly uses his hammer to crush the ground, which produces shock waves that damages his opponents. As a member of the Chimeriad, Jiao represents the element of Earth, which he incorporates into many of his attacks. When Jiao uses his arcane arte, Sundering Fang, he performs a downward punch with his right hand that can result in Jiao extending to his mystic arte, Resounding Surge, where he grabs his opponent and slams them into the ground. He then throws his target and hits the ground with his hammer, producing a large and powerful shock wave that strikes the target.


  • Each member of the Chimeriad is named after a body part of the Chimera, a giant monster from legend. Jiao translates to "horn" in the game's lore.
  • In Tales of Xillia 2, the player can acquire Jiao's model as a skin for the party by completing the bonus dungeon in a certain way.


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