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Jozette Cecille
Jozette Cecille
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Baticul
Age 26
Race Human
Occupation Brigadier General
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Kanako Toujou (anime)

Jozette Cecille (ジョゼット・セシル Jozetto Seshiru?, "Josette Cecil") is a high-ranking member of the Kimlascan military and an important supporting character appearing in Tales of the Abyss.


Cecille resembles the citizens of Malkuth, who tend to have lightly-colored hair and eyes, more so than Kimlascans, who tend to be darker. It is, however, presumable that she was born a Kimlascan citizen, as her loyalty would most likely have been questioned otherwise, and her promotion to the rank of general would most likely not have happened.

She makes her first appearance in Baticul port alongside with General Goldberg on orders to escort Luke fon Fabre home from his adventures in the Malkuth Empire. After Luke refuse Cecille escort, Cecille goes to report to Duke Fabre about Luke safe arrival and immediately returns to the port to arrest Dorian-General Van Grants since Van is suspicious from Luke disappearance. Later on Cecille is shown to be commanding troops during the war waged on the Rugnica Plains under the supreme command of Count Almandine.

Cecille is later found to have fallen into the Qliphoth alongside the bulk of both Kimlasca and Malkuth forces, as well as Aslan Frings, who is revealed to have rescued her after discovering her trapped within one of the fissures caused by the fall of most of central Rugnica. The two appear to have developed a sort of affection for one another, though following her return to Kaitzur from Engeve, Cecille decides to break ties with Frings by way of sending him a dagger, to which he replies with a letter, after which Cecille accompanies Luke and his companions to Chesedonia to refuse Frings's advances in person.

In Chesedonia, Cecille reveals that her family holds a debt to Kimlasca, of which Frings has himself heard rumors, despite which he claims that he believes her to be the bride foretold for him in the Yulia Jue's Score, after which she mentions something having happened between herself and Duke Fabre. Shortly after, it is revealed that Frings has given Cecille a ring, a memento of his mother, and proposed to her, though his parting dialogue indicates that she has refused him, her reason being that she must restore the house of Cecille to grace, revealing her heritage to be that of a disgraced noble family. Cecille departs from Chesedonia after asking that Luke return the ring to Frings. After Luke returns with the ring, she confirms that the house of Cecille was, indeed, stripped of its rank as nobility and that she has entered the military in the hope of restoring the dignity of her lineage.

Guy Cecil then explains that the house of Cecille were removed from court as traitors to Kimlasca when the general's aunt, Eugenie Cecille, married a count of the Malkuth Empire, a marriage that brought the family to ruinous shame when the Hod War began, with Cecille's reluctance to marry into Malkuth stemming from this event, although she openly states that she does not dislike him.

Soon after the peace treaty between Malkuth and Kimlasca is signed, Guy reveals that he is the son of Eugenie Cecille, and therefore Jozette's cousin, and convinces her to get married to Frings. After the Outer Lands are lowered, her wedding date is set. However, their love comes to a tragic end when Frings is killed, and Cecille becomes depressed. While she continues her duties in the Kimlascan military, she hears word of the replica Frings and is seen going towards the Tower of Rem after Luke and Asch eliminate the miasma. She was going to commit suicide but stopped knowing it was wrong. Afterward, she give Guy the clothes she was going to give Frings to wear on her wedding day, as it was customary for the bride to make her groom's outfit. Afterwards she helps the party in preparing for their attack on Eldrant.


  • In Tales of Vesperia, on the right wall at the inn in Yormgen, there is a message that reads Cecille♥Frings, referring to her relation with Frings.