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Julius Will Kresnik
Julius Will Kresnik.jpg
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Hometown Trigleph
Age 28
Height 5'11" / 180 cm
Race Human
Occupation Spirius Corporation Employee
Weapon Dual Blades
Japanese Voice Actor Toru Okawa
English Voice Actor J. Michael Tatum[1]

Julius Will Kresnik (ユリウス・ウィル・クルスニク Yuriusu Wiru Kurusuniku?), birth name Julius Wi Bakur (ユリウス・ウィ・バクー Yuriusu Wi Bakuu?), is a non-playable character in Tales of Xillia 2. He is the older brother of Ludger Will Kresnik who will do anything in his power to protect him from Bisley Karcsi Bakur.



Julius was born as the son of Bisley Karcsi Bakur and Cornelia Wi Kresnik. He activated his chromatus transformation as a child and began destroying fractured dimensions. His mother was the Key of Kresnik, targeted and killed by the Great Spirit Chronos. When Julius was thirteen, he accidentally found Claudia Il Kresnik, who had given birth to Bisley's son and Julius's half-brother, Ludger Will Kresnik, while in hiding. Claudia mistook Julius as Bisley's subordinate and attacked him in an attempt to protect her son, but she was killed instead. Ludger, shocked after witnessing his mother's death, lost part of his memory. After knowing Bisley's plan, Julius took Ludger with him to Marvin Orta Kresnik, Claudia's father, who adopted the two and altered the family registry to hide Ludger's existence from Bisley. Julius then renounced his original name, taking that of "Julius Will Kresnik". Originally, Julius planned to use Ludger by contracting his unawakened chromatus powers through his watch; however, after seeing the affection displayed by his half-brother, Julius chose to instead protect Ludger rather than use him.

At fifteen, Julius became an agent for Spirius Corporation, steadily destroying fractured dimensions, opposite Rideaux Zek Rugievit, so that Bisley would use the other as the soul bridge to the Land of Canaan. He eventually rose to the position of Director of the Department of Dimensional Affairs. Over time, however, Julius's chromatus advances to the point where he is becoming a divergence catalyst, which causes his pain periodically and forces him to wear a glove on his left arm to cover the discoloration.

Tales of Xillia 2

Normal artwork for Tales of Link.

Julius is in charge of his brother's entry exam to Spirius Corporation, but he orchestrates a no-win situation with a bystander and a monster that results in his brother's failure, all in the name of protecting Ludger from Spirius. A year later, when Ludger manages to get a position at the Trigleph Station's cafeteria, Julius discovers that the family registry had been corrected by Vera and attempts to buy her silence by boarding the Stribog Line train she is on. Unfortunately, Exodus attacks the train, and in the confusion, Bisley becomes aware of Ludger's parentage.

Julius then tries to assassinate Bisley but fails. He is then forced to go into hiding when Bisley brands him a terrorist for the Stribog Line attack. Julius is eventually tracked down by his brother, who has been made an agent of Spirius after Bisley and Rideaux force an exorbitant debt on him and has awakened his chromatus powers in a fractured dimension. Julius protects Ludger and his friends from Chronos and asks for Ludger's watch. If Ludger agrees, Julius obtains chromatus level 3 in the process, deflects Chronos's attack, and then drags him from the fractured Elympios into Rieze Maxia through a portal formed from Chronos's power. If Ludger refuses, Ludger accidentally deflects Chronos's attack and then drags Julius through the resulting portal. Either way, Julius disappears before Ludger wakes.

The group catches up with Julius in Nia Khera, where he listens as Vera calls and inform them one of the Waymarkers necessary to enter the Land of Canaan is likely in the dimension and that they are to retrieve it. Julius then demands Ludger's watch, but Elle Mel Marta, a girl traveling with Ludger, refuses to hand it over. Julius then suspects that she is the new Key of Kresnik and attempts to do something, but the pain of his catalyst transformation stops him, and then a fractured version of Milla Maxwell causes him to abort. His actions do not go unnoticed, however, and Alvin keeps him under watch. He joins the group in facing off against the divergence catalyst of the dimension, Muzét, but is incapacitated by pain during the actual fight. He can only watch as Ludger finishes the job and as Elle accidentally brings the fractured Milla back into the prime dimension. In the prime Nia Khera, they are met by Rideaux, who orders Ludger to bring Julius. Ludger can either subdue Julius or face Rideaux, though Rideaux eventually gets the better of Ludger and forces Julius to surrender to protect Ludger.

Chromatus artwork for Tales of Link.

Julius is taken back to Spirius but eventually makes his escape once more while stealing the Waymarker. Ludger catches up with him in a fractured dimension with a Waymarker, where Julius tries to get Ludger to give him Elle and walk away from the fractured dimension mess. After seeing Ludger's resolve to protect Elle, Julius hands him the Waymarker he stole and disappears after the dimension is destroyed. Upon the retrieval of all the Waymarkers, thus summoning the Land of Canaan, Julius is reunited with Ludger and the others once again while in a confrontation against Chronos. Julius protects Ludger from Chronos and later saves Jude Mathis or Milla Maxwell during a fight against Rideaux. Later, Julius leaves a letter to Ludger in their shared apartment. He then meets Ludger at Marksburg, where Julius reveals that, to reach Canaan, they need to use a soul bridge formed from the life of a Kresnik clan member. Julius then offers his own life after one final duel with Ludger.

If Ludger refuses to sacrifice Julius because he loves him too much, the "Julius Ending" is achieved. In this ending, Ludger takes Julius's watch and activates chromatus level 3, wielding its might against his former teammates who attempt to do what Ludger will not. Julius only watches in horror as Ludger kills the entire party by himself. At the end, covered in the blood of his friends, Ludger smiles at him. Julius initially believes that everything was done in vain but eventually comes to believe that a world with Ludger is what he desired in the end. The two then walk away from the harbor to enjoy their last moments together.

If Ludger agrees to Julius's wish, the two brothers have one last duel. Both activate their chromatus transformation at the very end, and their mystic artes meet. In this final clash, Julius realizes and accepts that Ludger has surpassed him, and Ludger's mystic arte overcomes his. Julius then becomes a divergence catalyst, forming a fractured dimension of his own. In this dimension, life progresses as normal, with all of Ludger's friends steadily advancing in their respective fields, and the fractured Ludger is a very popular and well-known chef. The prime Ludger watches as Julius sees his fractured self off before confronting his brother. Julius knows what comes next and hands Ludger his watch. Ludger then is forced to kill Julius, who hums the Hymn of Proof, the lullaby that the two shared, as he dies.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia.

Julius has short, light brown hair on the top of his head, with short, dark brown hair on its back and sides. He has blue eyes and wears rectangular glasses. His attire consists of a white shirt, light blue vest, and white coat with blue underlining. He also wears dark blue pants and white shoes. On his left hand, he wears a black glove that is initially thought to hide a burn that Ludger accidentally inflicted upon him when they were younger, but its true purpose is to disguise his advancing transformation into a divergence catalyst.

Julius is highly secretive about his true motives and work he does at Spirius Corporation, something which puts Ludger down. He is also very protective of his brother, even going as far as to use himself as a shield when Chronos attempts to kill him. He strongly despises Bisley, doing anything he can to prevent his arrival at the Land of Canaan.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

As a dual blades wielder, Julius shares the same fighting style as Ludger and, in fact, trained Ludger in this form of fighting. He specializes in quick slashes and counters. As a member of the Kresnik clan, Julius can also enter the chromatus transformation, using level 2 for the most part but achieving level 3 a few key times.


Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays, chromatus attire.

  • Julius's model can be acquired as a "Transformation" type costume for the party by buying it from the vendor in the Illusionary Darkness for 50 Ancient Bells. His shop option is called "Waymarker Progenitor".
  • Julius is sometimes called "Glasses Guy" by Elle. His glasses can be worn as an attachment.


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