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This port's main function is the shipment of supplies to Kaitzur. A base for the Kimlascan forces is located here.

Kaitzur Naval Port (カイツールの軍港?) is a docking area located at the tip of the Rugnican continent in Tales of the Abyss


The Kaitzur Naval Port is Kimlasca's territory, located on Rugnica, south of Kaitzur and west of Choral Castle. The port effectively provides transit to the central places in the kingdom: Port Belkend, Port Sheridan, the Kimlascan unit in Chesedonia, and the country's capital, Baticul.


Upon arrival, Luke fon Fabre and his companions discover the port is under attack by the God-General Arietta, who has used her monsters to kidnap the chief engineer. Under orders from Asch, she flees to Choral Castle, demanding that Luke and Fon Master Ion follow. While Van Grants claims he will handle the situation and that the group should remain at the port, they make their way to the castle regardless due to pleas from the other ship engineers, and despite Luke's hesitation to disobey Van. The group travels to the castle, a former vacation home for Luke's family and place where he was found several years prior. After rescuing the chief engineer, the group returns to the port and boards the ferry, en route to Chesedonia. The group later arrives at the port during the goodwill mission to Akzeriuth, this time accompanied by Princess Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear and with Luke filling the role of ambassador.

Katsbert Ferry[]

Katsbert Ferry (TotA)

The Katsbert Ferry as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

The Katsbert Ferry is one of the Kimlascan ships that frequently docks at the port. The group travels on the ferry on their way to Chesedonia. Here, Tear Grants explains fonons to Luke, and Van teaches him to control his hyperresonance. After escaping from the God-General Sync at Chesedonia, the group discusses the contents of the fon disc acquired by Guy Cecil at Choral Castle. The ship is then attacked by another God-General, Dist, who commands his "Kaiser Dist R" to fight the group. However, soundly defeated, he is forced to retreat.