Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Link
Age 15
Height 150 cm
Weapon Broadsword
Japanese Voice Actor Asami Seto
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Kana (カナ?) is one of the protagonists of the third and fourth chapters of Tales of Link. A cheerful girl, she is chosen by divine revelation to obtain the powers of the Three Goddesses of the Beyond and seeks to fix the blighted world.

Appearance and Personality

Kana is a pink-haired girl wearing dress with a hood, by which she is occasionally reined in by force. She is unrelentingly cheerful and altruistic, wishing nothing more than to obtain the power to help others. She never hesitates to step in when she feels it is necessary. Unfortunately, she lacks the skills to back up her desires, and she often needs to be reined in and protected. As she journeys, Kana gains the skills the fight, going from being the load to a competent fighter in her own right.