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Kanata Hjuger
Kanata Hjuger (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Dalchia
Age 15
Height 5'4" / 162 cm
Race Human
Weapon •Sword
Blood Sin (Patricidal Edge)
Japanese Voice Actor Kouhei Amasaki
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Kanata Hjuger (カナタ・ヒューガ Kanata Hyuuga?) is the protagonist of Tales of Crestoria. Pure-hearted and unaware of how the world works, he commits a crime in defense of a person dear to him, branding him a criminal and forcing him to escape his home.


The Wake of Sin

Kanata lives in the small village of Dalchia, where he leads a rather peaceful life as the son of respected leader Cody Hjuger. He trains under the tutelage of Cress Albane. Prior to the beginning of the story, Kanata develops a deep bond with Misella, a young orphan girl who lives at the shelter run by his father.

One night, Nash leads Kanata to the shelter to discover the truth. Cody is the leader of a human trafficking organization who gathers orphaned children and grooms them to be sold into slavery and prostitution, with some of the orphans even being harvested for their organs. He raises his son ignorant of his misdeeds, but intends to have him take his place. After Cody finds buyers for Misella, Kanata is horrified. Kanata confronts his father, who tries to convince him that nothing is wrong. But this new persona only proves for Kanata to feel betrayed and lose any and all respect he had for his father. Enraged, Kanata attacks Cody's workers. Cody threatens to confine Kanata until he "listens to reason." In the heat of the moment, Kanata grabs Misella's knife and stabs his own father. Scarred by his own actions, he watches as Cody falls to the ground and dies, calling him wrong one last time. Kanata tells Misella to run before the lookout came in, to which she does in the nick of time, as the lookout came rushing in.

Kanata wakes up in the shed and hears the lookout's voices. They reveal that everyone working at the shelter was in league with Cody. Suddenly, Kanata starts feeling hot and realizes that it is a fire, seeing this as an opportunity to escape. Outside, Kanata finds a teary-eyed Misella with a brightblaze in hand, who confesses that she was the one who burned the shelter. Together the two run away to an open field. Out of a sudden, Kanata hears the voices of the villagers condemning him for his patricide. His vision orb is destroyed and replaced with the Stain of Guilt.

An enforcer appears and touches Kanata. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself in a different plane of existence, where he learns that all the transgressors were taken to this dimension and killed. Luckily, Misella saves him from this fate. Kanata runs from the enforcers, away from Misella for her safety, only to get cornered by them. Kanata seems to be accepting of his punishment, until he is "saved" at the last minute by a gun-slinging man in black looking for fun, who kills most of the enforcers. Looking at the gloomy Kanata, the man tries to kill him for giving up on his life. Scared, Kanata manages to avoid the bullets for as long as he can until the man has him stuck. Desperate, Kanata cries and lets out that he does not want to die, even after what he did. After impaling him with a spear of dark magic, the man asks if Kanata regrets his sin, if he would do things differently. Kanata realizes if he did that, he would not have been able to save Misella, and loudly states that he does not regret it. The man asks Kanata if he wanted to own his sin or let it own him, and tells him to carve the answer out of his own fouled soul. Kanata feels agony throughout his body until he grabs the spear. As the spear vanishes, his Stain of Guilt transforms and gives him the power to draw his Blood Sin. After helping Kanata wipe out the enforcers, the man introduces himself as Vicious and tells Kanata that his blood sin means that Kanata is a man who now lives on his own terms. Knowing of Vicious's strength, Kanata asks to accompany the former. Soon after, the two are ambushed by the Order of Knights led by Aegis Alver and Leon, who call Vicious the Great Transgressor. The two struggle to break through until Kanata slips and falls down a hole.

Kanata wakes up to find Vicious, who was killing several monsters trying to eat him. When Kanata ponders about wanting to live, even after committing a sin, Vicious tells him that wanting to live does not require any special reason.

Hungry, the two exit the cave and return to Dalchia. The villagers quickly turn against Kanata and refuse to listen to him. The Order appear and attack the transgressors. Vicious is able to put up a good fight, but Kanata reaches his limit. Before a victor can be decided, Vicious threatens to kill the villagers if the Order pursues them any further. Cress arrives to confront Kanata about his transgression and tells the kid that he refused to think that Kanata would kill his own father without good reason. Before anyone can make a move, Vicious pins Kanata to the ground and shoots Cress. The Order of Knights back off, leaving Vicious to make demands.

As the two are brought food, Kanata is confronted by Nash, who tells Kanata that his sister Nisha didn't survive the fire, which is why Nash didn't explain the truth to the villagers. Rather than listen to his complaints, Vicious drops a knife for Nash to exact his vengeance in person rather than relying on the enforcers, but Nash storms off, refusing to listen to the Great Transgressor.

At night, Kanata comments on how Vicious has nerve of steel to be sound asleep under the situation they are in. Suddenly, he hears a noise as sees Misella with blood on her hands and a hole in Vicious's chest. Kanata and Misella walk outside only to be caught by knights who stayed behind. Misella announces to the assembled townsfolk that she was responsible for the shelter fire and tries to take the fall for Kanata's crime. She is then branded with the Stain of Guilt. Nash is present when Misella reveals the truth about who started the fire, and he in turn reveals to her the true cost of her actions. Shocked at this revelation, Misella tries to apologize, but an enraged Nash demands her to suffer as Nisha had. The other townspeople agree, causing the birth of an Enforcer EX. Heartbroken, Misella seems to accept her punishment as she is dowsed with flame. Nash and the other villagers show an ugly side as they cheer for Misella's burning until Vicious, unfazed by the stab she gave him, confronts her about it. At that point, Misella reveals hatred for the current system of justice, and that she does not want to leave Kanata all alone.

By repeating what he said to Kanata, Vicious gives Misella a chance to unlock her Blood Sin. With her new power, she is able to fight off all the enforcers, including the Enforcer EX. Nash confronts the group afterward, wielding a knife, but cannot bring himself to do more than wail piteously for someone else to kill them. Vicious reminds Nash that he is the one holding the knife, and no one is going to wait forever, but Nash still cannot bring himself to do it. Misella apologizes, saying she is going to live, and leaves with Vicious and Kanata.

During a quiet time alone together, Kanata and Misella make a promise to find away to erase their condemnation and return things to the way it used to be before going with Vicious to start their journey.

Beautiful Pleas Cover the World

During the journey, Misella undergoes a completely drastic change in her feeding habits. Namely, she has been eating grass instead of the meat Kanata catches for her. Vicious correctly guesses it is because Misella is afraid of denying that she killed Nisha, and encourages her to put what happened behind her. Kanata tells her that he wants her to be happy regardless. After this, she eases up. They find a map leading to the nearby farming village Nocheet, where they can get supplies.

Walking the mountains, the trio spots a girl fighting several monsters and help her. She introduces herself as Farah from Nocheet, who explains that due to the rough weather last year, Nocheet's crop yields have been poor. And without anything to eat, they have turned their attention to another farming village two mountains over, which had a bumper harvest. She also mentions a friend of hers should be able to help them, and leaves before mentioning his name.

Wearing cloaks to hide their identities, the trio walk into Nocheet, where they spot three men at the Vision Central casually condemning a criminal, which shows Kanata the vision orbs in a different light. The three then bump into a hunter named Reid, who asks for their strength. He tells them of a strange man hunting monsters around the area, putting the village on edge. Reid also proposes that in return, the trio gets the needed supplies.

The four go to where the man was last spotted. Reid explains that the man they are looking for has silver hair and wields a longsword. Suddenly, an enforcer appears, blowing the transgressors' cover. After destroying the enforcer, Reid seems unfazed by the fact that they are transgressors and decides to continue on the hunt.

During the hunt, Kanata mentions how despite being the Great Transgressor, only a few people know Vicious's face. Vicious explains that the people condemn criminals in the name of justice then just forget everything about it a few days later. Soon enough, they run into the man they are looking for, who cuts down a monster with a single strike. Upon closer expection, they realize he is in distress as he desperately searches the monster corpse. Kanata approaches the man, who introduces himself as Veigue. Veigue says he is looking for an "azure bloodstone" that can be harvested from the local monsters. He needs it to cure an ill friend. Reid informs Veigue that he has been killing the wrong monsters. In order to find an azure bloodstone, the monsters that produce it reside in an ancient temple in the forest. The group helps Veigue in his quest and kill several monsters until they finally obtain the needed bloodstone. Veigue leaves the group to return to his friend.

On their way back to Nocheet, the group notices everyone around a wounded boy near the Vision Central. They are planning to pin the blame on Veigue. Kanata and Reid attempt to stop it only for one of the villagers to cause Kanata to lose his cloak, blowing his cover. To save him, Misella pulls Vicious's cloak off and reveals that he is the Great Transgressor responsible to attacking the boy. Vicious plays along and tells Nocheet that they talk like they are relevant, but they are too scared to dirty their hands. This allows everyone in Medagal to see Vicious's face as the Great Transgressor, summoning several enforcers to them. Reid joins in the fight, not allowing the villagers to have their way. When an Enforcer EX appears, Misella attempts to goad Kanata into escaping, claiming that Vicious needs to die, but Kanata states that Vicious is their companion, and they need to help him. Realizing Kanata's choice, Misella decides to join in and help out.

Fortunately, the boy regains consciousness, allowing Reid to examine the wound and discover the true culprit: a monster with claws. As promised, Reid gives Kanata a recipe for a spice that can be made with local ingredients. Now free of his own vision orb, Kanata decides he wants to know more about the world and the vision orbs. When asked about it, Vicious says that they are currently headed to the "Nation of Sin".

Appearance and Personality

Kanata is a young man with blonde hair with a longer lock on the right side of his face and blue eyes. He wears a light violet-blue jacket with a purple mantle over his left shoulder and a black belt around his waist where he carries a knife on his front and a one-handed sword on his back. Kanata also wears white pants with purple, brown, and black boots. After he is branded a transgressor, he wraps his right hand in a bandage, covering his Stain of Guilt.

Kanata is pure of heart and cheerful. His innocent manner is also what slow him to be blunt and straightforward, possessing a strong will to protect the weak and act as their shield from danger and injustice. However, he also has a vain streak, caring a great deal about his appearance and style, especially when his right lock grows a lot quicker than his left. Despite his purity, he harbors a physical attraction to Misella, who blames his less innocent comments on Vicious's negative influence. Vicious can see this relationship clear enough himself, as he was expecting them to kiss before the three of them left Dalchia. As the story progresses, Kanata begins to understand how twisted the vision orb system of justice is, and what it means to own up for his crime. After the massacre at the Nation of Sin, Kanata is completely turned against the system and determined to destroy the vision orbs and change the world for the better.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Cursed Bladeshadow in Tales of Crestoria.

In the beginning, Kanata fights using a sword, mimicking his teacher Cress with Demon Fang, which is the only arte he can use. However, after meeting Vicious, he acquires the power of Blood Sin in the form of a two-handed sword known as Patricidal Edge (親殺しの剣ブレイズオイディプス Oyagoroshi no Tsurugi / "Bureizuoidipusu"?, "Parent-killing Sword / Blaze Oedipus").[1] With his new weapon, he stops using his normal sword and gains access to artes exclusive to him that let him perform mid-ranged moves. After fully discarding his suicidal thoughts and unlocking his Blood Sin's true power, Kanata's right arm is fully coated in demonic armor, and fused with the sword itself as the blade gains a darker attire. With this, Kanata's arteset, becomes even stronger.


  • Kanata's birthday is January 15.
  • Yuna Azetta's nickname for Kanata is "Kanana" (カナ坊?), thought it was originally localized as "Kana-bear".
  • Kanata's family name, written with katakana, is officially romanized as Hjuger. The reading of Hyuuga is, incidentally, a real Japanese place-name and surname.
  • According to Vicious, Kanata is the first person to draw his Blood Sin without being consumed by it.