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Kanonno Earhart
Kanonno Earhart.jpg
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Residences Van Eltia
Age 15
Height 158 cm
Weight 44 kg
Race Human
Weapon Broadsword
Japanese Voice Actor Kanae Itou
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Kanonno Earhart (カノンノ・イアハート Kanonno Iahaato?) is the playable main female character of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. Kanonno is an inhabitant from the world she resides in, unlike Pasca Kanonno from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, a Descender to the world of Terresia who shares a similar physical appearance.


Early life

Before the events of the game Kanonno lived with her parents and Paneer. One day when a infant Kanonno was taken to the garden by Paneer, Kanonno's town was attacked and burned down and Kanonno became an orphan raised by Paneer. Years later Kanonno had begun hearing a voice calling out to her, and Paneer insists that it is the voice of her parents, urging her to find the source of this voice. She joined a guild aboard the ship the Van Eltia, which is run by Chat from Tales of Eternia.


One day out on the deck of the ship a large explosion came from the World Tree and the Protagonist fell out of the sky in front of her. Seeing that Protagonist had no memories and had no where to go, she convinced him to join the guild to help the people of the world. Chat tells Kanonno to help the Protagonist get used to guild missions and she does so by helping the player get through their first missions. After the Protagonist becomes a full member of the guild Kanonno shows the player the book about the legend of the Descender. After this part Kanonno has a little role in the story until the half way point, but she is still able to be recruited for missions.


Artwork for Tales of Link.

Kanonno does not play a important role in the story until the Protagonist is ordered by Chat to go to the shrine with Colette Brunel and her during the eighth story mission. There Kanonno and Colette find the missing person the request said to find. When Colette and her try to help the man he is possessed by Goede's influence and becomes the monster, "Behemoth". After defeating the monster and healing the man she returns to Van Eltia with the player and Colette. Kanonno later appears on the ship's bottom floor gathering refreshments for Raine Sage, Kanonno sees the tablet and is shocked to see that she can read the ancient language. Kanonno starts being disturbed and runs to the deck of the ship. When the player goes in a attempt to comfort her a giant tower emerges from the sea. After Chat orders to Kanonno to go to the tower with player and Raine.

Quest to Help Niata

At the tower Kanonno is beginning to hear a voice inside her head and it begins to shock her. This voice starts to talk to Raine and the protagonist and eventually reveals itself as Niata, an original civilian of Pasca. Niata recognizes Kanonno and explains to her that she is a reincarnation of the Pasca Kanonno, due to her wish of wanting to be a normal girl. This shocks Kanonno and becomes unresponsive to the player and Raine after. Aboard the deck of the Van Eltia she begins to break down in front of Paneer. Paneer talks to Kanonno and gives her a necklace that belonged to her parents. Kanonno eventually accepts her past as Pasca Kanonno and decides to help the Protagonist to awaken Niata. Kanonno, Guy Cecil, and the player go back to the tower to awaken Niata and give him a physical form. During this time Kanonno spends her time with Niata trying to learn all she can from her past life and the world of Pasca.


Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Kanonno plays a small role when Senel Coolidge and the player go on a mission to find Chloe Valens. Sometime later Kanonno is starting to fade away and passes out on the deck of the Van Eltia. Paneer and Raine take her to the hospital room, the player visits her two times only to see her barely conscience and still fading away. After awakening, she decides to go with the player and Celsius to the snowy passage to place the third antenna in the area. At the half way point they encounter Goede, after Kanonno tries to reason with Goede and convince him to stop. Goede out of anger sends negative energy to attack Kanonno, which causes her to become distorted and start fading again, but it soon stops. After placing the antenna in the area Kanonno is giving enough mana to stop her from fading away.

Final Confrontation

After the appearance of the Negative Nest, Kanonno goes to the area for the final battle with Goede. Kanonno does not want the Protagonist to disappear, and she once more tries to convince Guede to stop by saying that he will not disappear but Guede still vows to destroy the world tree and kill the Protagonist which lead them no choice but to fight. After defeating Goede's final form, Kanonno tries to stop the Protagonist from going after the negative energy knowing she will never see him again, but she is persuaded by Niata to let the player go. Kanonno and Niata return to the ship after. On the ship with all the other residents of the Van Eltia, they see the negative nest disappear and celebrate that the world is saved.

One year after the world is saved, Kanonno came back to Van Eltia and was welcomed by Paneer. It is revealed that Kanonno had traveled around the world and was finally able to find her parents' grave. Jade then came and welcomed Kanonno and told her that everyone already gathered at the ship because they already finished their own business in their country, except the Protagonist who is not coming back. After Jade leaves, Kanonno wonders about the Protagonist because even though she already traveled around the world, she couldn't find him. Paneer cheered her by asking about her adventure, and Kanonno then shows her the book she wrote about the Protagonist's adventure and that it will be released soon. Paneer happily heard this and commented it brings back memories. Both of them then return to the ship to meet with the others, ending the game.

Appearance and Personality

Kanonno's appearance is similar to Pasca Kanonno from the original Radiant Mythology. She is young fifteen year old girl with pink hair set into a pony tail on the left side. She wears a sailor type outfit, with black stockings, white boots, and wears long white gloves with a wrist band with the image of Mormo on her left arm. A small hobby she had when she was younger was writing short stories and enjoyed drawing pictures. She is a strong believer in the legend of the Descender. Kanonno's relationship with the Protagonist can be different: if the Protagonist is a male, Kanonno will harbor feelings for him as the story progress, whereas if the Protagonist is a female, Kanonno will develop a sisterly relationship with her.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Kanonno uses a broadsword in battle, and she is capable of using magic, sharing a style similar to that used by Pasca Kanonno in the original Radiant Mythology. In addition, she is also given her own mystic arte, Unchained Note.

Other Appearances

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

Kanonno Earhart also appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as a playable character after the main story. During one scene, Niata tells the Protagonist and Kanonno Grassvalley that her predecessor from Granide came to visit Luminatia. At the deck of Van Eltia, they meet with the older Kanonno, who makes a formal introduction of herself. The group realizes that it is too confusing to refer to both girls as Kanonno, since both girls will respond to the same name. To make the situation less confusing, the younger Kanonno chooses to refer to her older counterpart by her surname Earhart instead, and this distinction is adopted by many other characters.

She is easily accepted by Ange as a member of Ad Libitum, but it becomes a major surprise for Rocks to see two girls with the same face and name. At one point in the post-game storyline, Earhart notices a black orb inside her room, not realizing that it was always there. Niata mentions a platform with the same color, which is at a foggy area within the Rhubarb Mountains. When the party visits the area, they eventually come across three chests that contain three white orbs. The white orbs are found to be the keys for the platforms at three dungeons: the Almanac Ruins, the Holy Land of Randgriz, and the Schiffo Dong Springs.

As they go deeper into the closed areas they find three differently colored orbs, one in each dungeon. Upon collecting all of the orbs, Earhart recalls that there are three colored platforms on the Sacred Mountain of Absol. The group ventures into the area until they reach the last area, which is the third Ring Spot for the Sorcerer's Ring, which grants the ability to light all statues to open hidden paths.

Tales of Asteria

Ruin Bringer as she appears in Tales of Asteria.

Savior of Light and Darkness

Earhart, Leon Magnus, Luke fon Fabre, Rita Mordio and Milla Maxwell attempt to stop Yggdrasill's meddling, eventually following him to the Zero Tower. Just as they prevail, however, the surrounding mana transforms Earhart into a dark alter ego known as the Ruin Bringer (破滅へと導く者?), whose "mission" is to end the world. Luckily, the party manage to purge Ruin Bringer and save Earhart.

In-game, Ruin Bringer is a Kanonno Earhart unit, but has an alternate arteset to separate the two characters.