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Kardia Meteor
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Race Organican
Weapon Soma Rondeau (Baton)
Japanese Voice Actor Rina Satou

Kardia Meteor (ドナ・メテオライト Dona Meteoraito?, "Donna Meteoryte") was a major character in Tales of Hearts. She was the daughter of Sydan Meteor and the mother of Kor Meteor.


Seventeen years prior to the beginning of the game, Kardia fought alongside her father, Labrodor Akerman, Iola Hearts who was the host for Lithia Spodumene, and prince Tekt Tourmaline against the emperor Zirconia Tourmaline, who was under the influence of Creed Graphite at that time. One day, however, the battle took a turn for the worst when Creed ambushed them on a ship docked near a town. Despite their best efforts, none of them could defeat Creed, who shattered Iola's Spiria to render Lithia immobile. Enraged, the rest of the party cast an arte to hold Creed in place. Lithia, who managed to survive via Iola's unborn child, amplified the arte to give them more time. But before they could even do anything, Incarose dropped in and knocked them all flat. In an attempt to change hosts, Creed turned his attention to Kardia and targeted her unborn child, knocking her into the water. With little option, Kardia performed a seal on Creed to protect her child from him at the cost of draining her emotions away. It eventually pulled off thanks to the baby's own Spiria. Knowing that the seal would not hold however, Kardia's last words were for her child to grow strong and kind before losing her emotions completely.

Eventually, Sydan and Tekt managed to pull Kardia out of the water, but when they discovered what had been done, Sydan became devastated. Consumed by grief, Sydan attempted many times to kill the baby and Creed with him. But Kardia, still retaining her love for her child, protected them, whispering that their Spiria would not lose. After she gave birth to a boy named Kor, all Kardia could do to care for her son was to sing to him and caress him with gentle hands.

To prepare him for the journey ahead, Sydan makes the decision to raise the boy in secret. It is unknown what became of Kardia afterward, but she is heavily implied to be deceased by the beginning of the game.

Appearance and Personality

During the flashback, Kardia had brown hair tied behind her by an orange strap, and brown eyes, both of which were inherited by Kor. She wore an orange skirt belted around long, black pants, and an orange bra top under a black, cropped, long-sleeve shirt.

According to Tekt, Kardia was a tomboy who demanded timeliness from herself and expected the same from others, demanding Tekt to fetch her burgers whenever she was hungry, and roughing him up if it took more than three minutes. She also had a tremendous appetite, able to eat a whole burger in three or four bites. Kardia was a pretty heavy drinker, capable of drinking more and more without stopping. During this state, Kardia would pick fights all over town, and once took out an entire Imperial Army company. However, despite her lack of restraint, Kardia was also gentle and caring when she needed to be, supporting Tekt to never give up on his father. She was also forward-thinking, wanting her and her friends' families to live happily.