Aselia Wiki
Karell Berselius
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Residences Radisrol
Race Aeth'er
Weapon Swordian Berselius
Japanese Voice Actor Nobuo Tobita

Karell Berselius (カーレル・ベルセリオス Kaareru Beruseriosu?, "Karell Belserius") was a major figure during the Aeth'er Wars in the Tales of Destiny timeline, fighting on behalf of the Er'ther race as a member of its military units. He was the twin brother of Harold Berselius, the scientist accredited with the invention of Swordian technology. Furthermore, he was also one of the soldiers selected to have a Swordian created of them. In Tales of Destiny 2, Karell fulfills a supporting role in the plot, recruiting Kyle Dunamis and his companions to aid Radisrol in launching the history-defining attack on Dycroft that ultimately ended the war.


Artwork of the Swordian Berselius.


Near the end of the war, Karell mortally wounded Kronos with his Swordian. Unfortunately, Kronos managed to destroy the Swordian's core, killing Berselius and destroying the weapon's functionality in the process. Kronos imbued his soul into the weapon while leaving his physical form to die, leading to the end of the Aeth'er Wars, as the forces of both sides witnessed his death. From this point forward, the Swordian known as "Berselius" was actually controlled by Kronos. After many years passed, the Swordian was acquired by Hugo Gilchrist, who came in contact with the dormant soul of Kronos. Kronos corrupted Hugo's mind but could not control him completely, leading Hugo to insanity as he killed his own wife and began his mad vision of destroying the planet by reviving the ancient floating city Dycroft, along with its legendary superweapon Belcrant.

Tales of Destiny

After Hugo's death by the hands of Stahn Aileron and his companions, Kronos revives his physical form by tapping into the power of the Eye of Atamoni, which had reached a state of critical mass through the absorption of the surface to terraform the Aethersphere. Kronos swiftly defeats the party with little effort, as he had regained his full strength. During Kronos's second confrontation with the protagonists, Kronos wields Berselius to fight against the party, and before accepting defeat, he draws a massive amount of energy from the Eye of Atamoni, destabilizing its core while mutating himself to merge with the weapon. Eventually, Kronos is killed indefinitely, and Berselius is destroyed along with him. As a result, Berselius could not be used to assist the remaining Swordians in destroying the unstable Eye of Atamoni.