Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Hemisphere

Karez (カレーズ Kareezu?) is a dungeon located at the northern entrance to the Kurodadaku Desert in Tales of Rebirth.


Now simply an underground passage of waterways, Karez was once a town that was ravaged by the lethal "Death Garo Fever", which prompted a number of people to flee to Anikamal in order to escape the disease. Due to the brutality of the disease, the settlement no longer exists, though it is still possible to catch the disease in the area. After Tytree Crowe falls into a well that leads to the dungeon, the group opts to take the path in order to avoid the harsh heat of the desert.

Eugene Gallardo uses his Force of Steel to clear boulders in the path, causing Viruses to attack and sand to fall from the ceiling. Although the path appears to be a refreshing alternative to the desert, Annie Barrs soon begins feeling unwell, and the group returns above ground halfway through the dungeon in order to rest before proceeding. In spite of this, once the group reaches the end of the dungeon, Annie collapses, and the others decide to rush her quickly to Anikamal in order to find a doctor.