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Karia Nevan
Karia Nevan (TotR-FR).png
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Age Unknown
Height 164 cm
Weight 52 kg
Race Mirrite (formerly)
Weapon Rapier
Japanese Voice Actor Asami Shimoda
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Karia Nevan (カーリャ・ネヴァン Kaarya Nevan?, "Karya Nevan"[1]) is a character in Tales of the Rays, and was once Gefion's mirrite.


Karia was exoflected by Gefion sometime prior to her and Phillip Reston putting the Aegis Project into action. Karia was staunchly against the project because she did not want to see her master throw her life away, but Gefion did so anyway, severing their bond prior.

When Gefion learned the nature of mirrites and how they are typically exoflected in order to be killed to produce chiral particles, she made a promise with Karia that she would never kill her. She wiped out a portion of her memories when severing their bond as to not remember the nature of mirrites, so that she would not be able to pass this knowledge on. Despite initially being upset at Gefion doing such a thing to her, Karia held no ill will towards her master, and instead dedicated her life to protecting Gefion just as she protected her. Sometime later, she gave herself a surname, as to not be mixed up with the second Karia.

Fairy's Requiem

Karia Nevan Icon (TotR).png

Karia first appears in front of Dhaos when he stands by the mirrage prison, wondering if there is a way to return to his world. Karia states that Gefion used to know the answer, but that she herself does not. When asked who she is, she states "I am Karia. I used to be Miss Mileena's mirrite."

She appears again in front of Dhaos when Marcus Grimm is asking him to side with the Salvation Front, surprising the latter in her appearance after all this time. Once she meets up with the second Mileena Weiss, who she dubs as "the small Miss Mileena," she tells them all what she has been through and the nature of dead mirrites. She makes it clear to them that her goal is to study them further, and to eventually find a way to save Gefion from the mirrage prison.

Appearance and Personality

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Karia is a woman with a purple bob and green eyes. She wears a white jacket with flaps on the back with a very large black bow around her neck. Her look is completed with black shorts and white boots on heels. The boots reach the middle of her upper thighs.

Karia is fairly serious, but is not as no-nonsense as she first appears, as she is prone to blushing and gets flustered easily. She teases Marcus and asks that he not call her パイセン ("paisen"), claiming he is childish for using it. She does not wish to be compared to Mileena's Karia, as she views her as a different person, but recognizes that she used to be very similar to her, albeit a bit more serious. She claims she still has a sweet tooth, just as Mileena's Karia does. Due to Gefion's feelings being passed down to her, she holds feelings for Ix Nieves.

Fighting Style

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Karia fights using a rather short red-bladed rapier, as well as incorporates kicks into her arsenal. She focuses on speed, and has the ability to teleport to mirrages she places around the battlefield at will. Many of her artes consist of mirrors, or references to mirrors. One of her mirrage artes is Fairy's Requiem, referencing the Fairy's Requiem arc of the game.


  • Karia's last name is a katakana render of "Neamhain", a reference to a goddess associated with war in Irish mythology.