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Karla Outway
Appearance Tales of Xillia
Race Human
Occupation Teacher

Karla Outway (カーラ・アウトウェイ Kaara Autowei?) is the younger sister of Gaius, the king of Auj Oule who was formerly known as Erston Outway. She is a historian and teacher who tells the protagonists various things about Auj Oule and King Gaius in the sub-event "The History of Auj Oule". She is revealed to be Gaius's sister in the sub-event "Gaius the King".



Karla is the younger sister of Gaius, born into the small Outway tribe. When she was young, she was engaged to a man from the Long Dau tribe. Though an arranged marriage, the pair fell in love. However, her fiance went with his tribe to war against Rashugal in the Fezebel Marsh. Accompanying him was Erston and the members of the Outway tribe, which was integrated into the Long Dau forces. Erston warned chief Lars Long Dau that there would be a tsunami coming and a retreat should be called. However, Karla's fiance, desperate to make a name for himself and make Karla proud before they marry, warned against it, and Lars listened to him, resulting in the majority of the Auj Oule army being eliminated.

Erston, Karla's fiance, and a handful of others survived, along with Lars Long Dau. Karla received word that her fiance survived the tsunami, but he never returned and was last seen with Erston. Three years after these events, Erston changed his name to "Gaius", formed Taurus, and began his crusade to overthrow King Merad while Karla became a school teacher and historian. However, her suspicions that her brother had something to do with the death of her love, coupled with the abandonment she felt when Gaius went on his crusade, left Karla with nothing but feelings of bitterness toward him.

Role in the Plot[]

Karla is first seen in-game by the statue of Master Heming in Xian Du when Jude Mathis approaches her. Karla explains to them her occupation, and upon hearing of Elize Lutus's age, decides to quiz on Auj Oule history by asking her who the youngest coliseum champion is. When Elize manages to answer correctly, she takes her leave.

The second time she is met by the group is at the Xian Du inn, where she is introduced to Milla Maxwell and Rowen J. Ilbert. She goes to inform the group that through their victory in the tournament, Elize was officially granted the status of being the youngest champion ever at the age of 12, the previous one being Master Heming at the age of 14. Rowen asks for the youngest "unofficial" champion, and Karla reveals that it was her brother, Erston. She goes on to tell them about how Erston's victory was stripped from him before leaving the inn, claiming to have an errand to run.