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Kasque (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Age •24 (physical appearance)
•800+ (actual)
Height 5'3" / 160 cm
Race Goddess
Occupation Administrator of World Order
Weapon Vision Orb / Rod
Japanese Voice Actor Ai Nonaka
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Kasque (キャスク Kyasuku?) is a major antagonist of Tales of Crestoria. She is the goddess who bestowed vision orbs unto the world.


At least eight hundred ago, Kasque was originally a human. At the time, the world was being threatened by a bestial avatar known as the "Dreadfang". In order to fight the "Dreadfang", the humans decided to create an artificial god. However, as the host needed to have affinity with all forms of mana, the chances of a potential human candidate being born was highly slim. So, they resorted to artificially creating the human they needed. Only two were made a success; Kasque and Milla Maxwell. Of the two, Milla had the potential to be chosen, and Milla was fully prepared to take on her duty. However, to save her from an inevitable loneliness that it would result in, Kasque lure Milla away and attended the ritual herself. After defeating the "Dreadfang", she ascended to the heavens to watch over humanity.

About ninety years before the start of the story, she reappeared and granted its inhabitants vision orbs, likely to reduce the amount of incarnations manifesting from people who commit crimes.

Forte and Assid are complete devotees of Kasque and intend to use any means necessary to call her forth from the heavens, like she did one before. To achieve this, they resort to "human sacrifice", turning people into transgressors, even those who were innocent, for the enforcers to prey upon, but to no avail. Finally, they set up a plan in which they intend to use the transgressor Kanata Hjuger's relationship with Sonia: either forcing the enforcer-possessed girl to explode and annihilate the town of Yednark or forcing Kanata to kill the fused duo, after which the two would massacre the town's inhabitants. In either case, they would put all of the blame on the boy. Kanata's group initially manages to stop the twins' plans from coming to fruition of having massive influx of pleas for condemnation coming with hopes that it would result in Kasque's descent from the Heavens. Before Forte, Assid, and the accompanying Makina flee, the goddess still arrives, much to the twins' delight, but to the transgressors' horror.

However, it turns out that Kasque has been watching everything unfold from above and she can simply descend from the heavens at her own will, not from massive influx of pleas for condemnation. For this idiocy, Kasque strikes the twins with a lightning arte. The goddess then reveals that she only invented the vision orbs because she wanted to retire as a goddess. Knowing that Kanata plans to destroy the vision orbs, Kasque fights and easily defeats him and his friends. In a last-ditch effort, Vicious the Great Transgressor holds Kasque off while the others escape. While the others run away, Vicious manages to hold his own, but is pulverized by Kasque, who leaves him for dead. After catching up with the transgressors, Vicious reappears, much to her dismay. To her surprise, Vicious resorts to using his Great Transgressor power. Forte, Assid and Makina try to fight the newly awakened Great Transgressor, but are easily defeated with a single Devour The Heavens. Vicious then turns his attention to Kasque and easily defeats her. Before the Great Transgressor can kill everyone present, the sorceress Ivis appears and seals the Great Transgressor away, reverting Vicious back to normal. Unfazed by the strike she gave them mere moments ago, Forte and Assid pledge their loyalty to the goddess. After deciding to take the twins with her, she agrees with Kanata that the vision orbs have rendered humanity foolish and tells him of a plan to "make this world a beautiful place," but does not say how, since she knows that Kanata will not approve of her methods. With that said, Kasque leaves Yednark with Forte, Assid, and Makina.

Appearance and Personality

Kasque has red eyes and long white hair that is adorned with a variety of accessories. Her rather revealing outfit is mainly white, greenish-gold, and black, accentuating her status as a goddess. Kasque also has a pair of unidentified weapons within several floating rings floating behind her back. She also wears a large, blue bowtie in front of a ponytail on the right side of her head.

Contrary to most gods and other divinities in the series, Kasque is considerably more human than originally thought, taking a temporary liking to Vicious due to his looks and to Forte and Assid for fawning over her. However, she prefers that they do not completely obsess over her. Kaque is also very lazy, preferring to take the least exhausting option. Having invented the vision orbs specifically so she could retire as a goddess, she attacks Kanata for attempting to ruin her retirement plan. However, she does agree with Kanata's view on how the visions orbs have been misused by humanity.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

Despite her laziness, Kasque is one of the most powerful characters in Tales of Crestoria. She wields a large, silver rod with an exceptionally large vision orb in its heart, levitating off the ground. Kasque's Normal Attack sends a wave of Light-elemental projectiles at the enemies, while her artes are alternate versions of Ray and Judgment, which, in the series, are at time associated with divine beings. Her mystic arte is Final Order, where Kasque has beams of light mercilessly assault her foes as she fires them from high above.


  • The Japanese version when refers to Kasque's divine status uses the word kami (?), meaning "god", while in the English localization the word "goddess" is used, whose Japanese equivalent is megami (女神?).