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Katz' Village
Katz' Village (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Eternia
Tales of Symphonia
World Celestia (ToE)
Sylvarant (ToS)

Katz' Village (ねこにんの里 Nekonin no Sato?) is a town in both Tales of Eternia and Tales of Symphonia known for its hidden locations and related sidequests. In both games, the village is populated entirely with Katz, a species that are similar to humans in cat costumes. In Tales of Eternia, Katz' Village is located within a mountainous area in the world of Celestia. In Tales of Symphonia, Katz' Village is found on an island in the northern part of Sylvarant. Both locations are accessible only with a flying vehicle.

Later games in the series feature a similar town area, known as Katz Korner.


Tales of Symphonia

While this place is not required for the group to visit, it is part of a sidequest in which a boy in the slums of Meltokio has a dying uncle who wants to see a Katz in person before passing away. Genis Sage agrees to get a Katz to come even though the boy had tried with little success. After the group attempts to talk to the Katz in the mart, the Katz refuse to see the boy and tell Genis to talk to the mayor in their hometown. The mayor of Katz' Village tells the party the boy's uncle hunted Katz for research purposes many years ago and gives Genis a Katz outfit to wear. Genis returns to the boy and his uncle while wearing this outfit. A real Katz appears before the group, expressing a sign of happiness before disappearing. The boy goes on to explain that he and his uncle have been dead for a long time, that they were merely ghosts. They reveal that Genis and the Katz were the only ones who could see them, and Genis receives the title "Katz Katz Katz", which allows him to use the Katz outfit as a costume.

Katz' Village has a large selection of goods considering the passive nature of the Katz population, most likely acquired through the trade and barter services that the Katz are well-known for practicing. This is the only place in Sylvarant where "Lemon Gels" and "Pineapple Gels" are sold outside of dungeons. It is also one of the few places to sell the expensive and rare "Miracle Gel". This place also sells a unique piece of equipment known as the "Katz Mittens".