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Kerri Lhant
Kerri Lhant (ToG)
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Barona
Residences Lhant
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Akiko Takeguchi

Kerri Lhant (ケリー・ラント Kerii Ranto?) is the mother of Asbel Lhant and Hubert Oswell, who was born Hubert Lhant; the wife of Lord Aston Lhant; and Sophie's adoptive grandmother in Tales of Graces. She hails from a noble family of Barona.



As revealed by Frederic Barnes to Asbel during the "Lineage and Legacies" arc, Kerri is the youngest daughter of a Baronian noble. Twenty years prior to the events of the story, her older sisters married nobles from Barona and Gralesyde, while Kerri was sent to marry Aston Lhant, the local Lord of the town of Lhant. At first, the two did not get along well, as Kerri did not want to be married, and Aston tricked her by switching places with Frederic. This was due to Aston wanting to find out what kind of person Kerri was. Kerri was angered by the deception and decided to return to Barona, but before she could do this, Aston left Lhant to protect Richard's father, King Ferdinand IV, from an attack by the Fendelian army.

Aston told Kerri before he left to "take care of the flower bed" and "learn to love the flowers". Kerri's departure was halted when Frederic told her that Fendelian soldiers could appear at the highroads during her journey. Three days later, a storm fell upon Lhant, and upon discovering Aston's flower journal, Kerri cared for his flowers while he was away. A month later, Aston returned from the front lines and was surprised to see that Kerri did take care of the flowers. She asked him what he meant by loving the flowers, and Aston responded by saying, "If you can love flowers, you can love people". Kerri was touched by his words and gave him her name. Aston complimented her by saying her name is beautiful. This event paved the way to their good relationship and eventual marriage. 


Kerri makes her first appearance in the Prologue when the group returns to the manor from their inquiries about Sophie. Kerri informs Asbel and Hubert that Aston wants to speak with them, to which Asbel responds that their father will only yell at them. Kerri attempts to tell him that Aston only thinks about their best interests. After seeing Asbel ask Cheria Barnes to watch after Sophie, Kerri apologizes on his behalf and tells her that she should rest. Worried for her safety, Kerri forbids Asbel on taking Cheria with him when they play, much to Asbel and Cheria's chagrin. When Cheria suddenly starts to have a fit, Kerri orders Frederic to take her home. She can be found in the master bedroom in between cutscenes. The last time she is seen in the prologue is when she is bidding Hubert and Aston farewell before their departure to Barona, where Hubert is to be adopted by the wealthy Oswell family of Strahta.

Role in the Plot[]

Seven years after the departure of their sons, Lord Aston fell in battle in a skirmish against the Fendelian army. Bedridden from exhaustion and grief, Lady Kerri requested that Cheria track Asbel down and bring him home. Upon arriving, Cheria reveals to Asbel that his mother sent him a letter months ago, but since Asbel was on his field exam, he never received it. Kerri also requested the aid of the Royal Knights, as stated by Cheria, but Malik Caesar claims that it will be difficult to dispatch the Knights.

Later, Kerri finally sees Asbel after seven years and is overjoyed. She asks him to rule in his father's place, but Asbel asks for more time in making his decision. Asbel intended to become the Lord of Lhant, but after an attempted invasion of Fendel and Strahta occupying Lhant, Hubert returns. The two sons end up fighting, which ends with Asbel being exiled from Lhant. A shocked Kerri confronts her youngest son, who, to her sadness, only has disdain and resentment left for her after she and Aston decided to adopt him away to the Oswell family.

When Asbel returns, King Richard stages an attack on Lhant, but is stopped thanks to the efforts of Asbel and his friends. After the attack, Kerri sees Hubert and asks him to at least forgive Asbel. But even after telling him how Asbel really felt about Hubert becoming an Oswell, Hubert rejects her before leaving with Asbel's group.

When they return with an ill Sophie, Kerri confronts both her sons in front of the family photo. She reveals that Aston never really knew how to connect with either of them, and that he had the best intentions for the both of them, but ever since Asbel ran off to become a knight, he started worrying if he had inadvertently caused them to suffer.