Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Malkuth Empire
Region Sylvana
Ruler Peony Upala Malkuth IX
The world's largest resort. Located in Malkuth. Famous for its flashy casino, decadent hotel, and beautiful vacation homes.

Keterburg, the Silver World (銀世界ケテルブルク Ginsekai Keteruburuku?) is a snowy tourist city in Tales of the Abyss.


A necessary stopover for those wishing to travel to Keterburg. Ferries make frequent stops here to accommodate the wealthy visitors. -- Keterburg Bay

Keterburg is the northernmost city of the Auldrant, located on the Sylvanian continent and part of the Malkuth Empire. It is home to Jade Balfour, Saphir Ortion Gneiss, and Nephry Osborne, as well as the place where Emperor Peony was kept in seclusion prior to ascending the throne. Keterburg is a snowy city in an icy terrain, with the only other settlement on the continent being its docking area, Keterburg Bay (ケテルブルク港?). Aside from these two places, the only other landmarks on the continent are Mt. Roneal, which encompasses a large range of the landmass, and Nebilim's Crag, located within the mountain. The city has a population of 100,000.


Prior to the events of the story, fomicry was first developed in Keterburg by a young Jade, who replaced his sister Nephry's broken doll. Many years later, Luke fon Fabre and his companions, which include the now adult Jade, stop at the city to repair the Tartarus on their way to the capital, Grand Chokmah. The group, apart from Jade, is amazed at the winter beauty of the city and its tourist attractions, such as the casino. While wandering the city, the group notices a large house, which Anise Tatlin claims she will marry whoever lives there.

Jade comments that the manor belongs to Emperor Peony, and Guy explains that Peony was born and raised in the city for his safety due to a power struggle at the time. They arrive at the governor's house only to discover that the governor is Jade's sister, Nephry. Nephry is relieved to see Jade, believing he was killed at Akzeriuth. She agrees to have the Tartarus repaired and offers them a place at the hotel. As everyone is leaving, she asks Luke to come visit her later. That night, Nephry explains to Luke of how her brother invented fomicry and about their former professor, Gelda Nebilim, who was unintentionally killed by Jade when he attempted to use the Seventh Fonon. Luke agrees to keep his knowledge a secret and returns to the hotel only to have Jade confront him on the matter, explaining it is a sin he can never erase.

Luke makes a promise to Jade not to tell anyone, and the group departs on the repaired Tartarus the following morning. The group later returns after retrieving the Flightstone in Daath. Dist had stolen the device from the Albiore, disabling its method of flight. He sent a letter to the group stating that the Flightstone is in Keterburg instead of Daath and proceeded to wait there for them, believing they would come. However, they did not and instead obtained the Flightstone from Daath in the first place. Dist, who nearly froze to death waiting, was taken to the hotel. Nephry informs Jade and the others of his whereabouts, so they visit the hotel, where Jade interrogates Dist into revealing what he knows about Mt. Roneal. He then has Dist arrested by the Malkuth military.


  • Keter is one of several names in the game derived from the sephirot of Hebrew tradition; the sephirah Keter refers to the upper crown of God.