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Elle Mel Marta, a Key of Kresnik, as she appears in Tales of Xillia 2.

Key of Kresnik (クルスニクの鍵 Kurusuniku no Kagi?) is a term from Tales of Xillia 2. It is a person with a unique power that is central to the story's plot.


A Key of Kresnik is a person born once every few generations with special power: the capability to channel the Great Spirit Origin's power over void. It allows a Key to cross dimensions on their own, transfering both people and objects between them. It is also able to overpower Chronos's powers over time. Origin specifically created Key of Kresnik as a means to help Kresniks keep Chronos in check due to his hatred towards humanity and wish for their failure. Additionally, a Key can also activate the chromatus.


When Origin's Trial was conceived, Chronos granted the Kresnik clan chromatus powers, while Origin granted his power to a person once in few generations.

When Cornelia Wi Kresnik was twenty-one it was revealed that she was born with the powers of Key of Kresnik. Six years later she became the target of Chronos who intended to kill her so humanity wouldn't pass the Trial. Bisley Karcsi Bakur used her powers while defending her, but Cornelia ultimately died.

In the fractured dimension F41DB, Elle Mel Marta was born with the powers of Key of Kresnik. When Spirius agents attack Victor thinking he is the Key, he sends his daughter Elle Mel Marta on a boat and asks her to board a ten o'clock train and seek the Land of Canaan. He activated her powers, transporting her to the prime dimension without her being aware of it. Meanwhile Ludger Will Kresnik was about to start his first job at a train station in Trigleph he came upon Elle. During their adventures, Elle caught the eye of Bisley who at some point recognized her status as a Key of Kresnik. After the Land of Canaan manifests as a result of collecting all waymarkers, Chronos appears and intervenes. During this time Elle joins Bisley, deciding to let him use her powers to overpower Chronos with a deal that he won't sacrifice Ludger to create a soul bridge to the Land of Canaan.

Bisley and Elle depart for the Land to Canaan and during his battle against Chronos, he uses his chromatus lance to impale Elle into Chronos, putting a stop to the Great Spirit's rapid recovery that he achieves through his dominion over time.


  • Cornelia Wi Kresnik
  • Elle Mel Marta


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