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Lorelei no Kagi (TotR)

The Key of Lorelei (ローレライの鍵 Roorerai no Kagi?) is a powerful weapon in Tales of the Abyss created by Lorelei, the aggregate sentience of the Seventh Fonon, that allows the user to summon the sentience when used alongside the power of the Grand Fonic Hymn. It also allows the user to use Lorelei's power at will. The complete Key is actually two parts: a sword, also called the "Key of Lorelei", which concentrates fonons, and the Jewel of Lorelei (ローレライの宝珠 Roorerai no Houshu?), which disperses them.


The Key of Lorelei was given to Yulia Jue as part of her pact with Lorelei. It was used in order to create the Planet Storm. During the sentience's imprisonment by Van Grants, Lorelei sends both parts of the Key to Luke fon Fabre and Asch. Asch receives the sword itself, while Luke is given the Jewel. However, Luke does not receive anything to his knowledge, and both Asch and the party desperately search for the Jewel. At the top of the Tower of Rem, it is revealed that Luke received the Jewel, but accidentally absorbed it into his body, as both the Jewel and himself, being a replica, are made of Seventh Fonons. After defeating Asch at Eldrant, Luke wins the sword, the "Incomplete Key of Lorelei". Later, once Luke gains the power of second-order hyperresonance, the ability allows him to complete the Key by fusing it with the Jewel. He then uses the Key and his own power to defeat Van and free Lorelei.


  • In Tales of VS., the Key of Lorelei is a weapon available at the shop for Asch when he accumulates a total of 90,000 GP at a price of 10,000 Gald.
  • In Tales of Berseria, a Replica Key of Lorelei can be obtained by using the Expedition feature to explore Cheagle Island.
  • In Tales of the Rays, with the introduction of Zero Artes, the Key of Lorelei appears as a ★0 gear that grants Luke the Repparanshou arte as well as a weapon skin.